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Why We Choose Marble Mosaic Sheet?

24th July 2018

The natural marble mosaic sheet in various kind of style and colors, the products has appear in the market for long time from European, as the modern new material developing, there has some new mosaic , such as ceramic mosaic, iron mosaic, glass mosaic,etc.  We know the various types mosaic with own special advantages and features, and the other mosaic also can not replace, but we just mainly introduce why many peoples like select marble mosaic sheet

1 Cheap Price

Mostly marble mosaic in competitive price and its popular in the market

2 Very low radioactivity (even smaller than glass, ceramic tiles, etc.), safe to use

3 The marble material is easy cutting and carving

We know that Beige and white series marbles mosaic have low hardness and are easy to cut, while ,blue, green and other series of marbles mosaic have higher hardness due to metal elements.

The popular marble mosaic strips in 15mm, depending on the size of the pattern, if the pattern area is large, it may be enlarged according to the customer’s needs.A marble mosaic product in which various types of continuous patterns are combined in a seamless arrangement to make the overall effect transition more natural. Process conversion products for mold mosaic products are currently prevalent in overseas markets

Structural features of small particle marble mosaic

1 Seamless, tightly structured

2 The pattern can be changed to a large extent and can be close to the pattern of the glossy mosaic

3The granules are all smaller sized particles, which can be processed with the same difficulty and complex mosaic effect.

4 There are different color differences between small particles

5 It is necessary to deal with the joints during the decoration.

The main use of small particle marble mosaic

Applicable to the decoration of the ground, wall and all kinds of planes; the wave is suitable for the partition or edge of the wall, the ground and other planes that need to be distinguished by the interface, and has the flexibility to adjust and reorganize.However, the overall puzzle decoration effect for the wall is more suitable; if applied properly, the final effect is much better than the glossy mosaic.

So if you has professional marble mosaic tiles installation team, its better, but if you want to do DIY installationi marble mosaic, that also is easy too.

Natural Marble Mosaic

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