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Why Marble Mosaic Tiles Do Water Proof Treatment?

September 14, 2018

The natural marble mosaic is be used for more and more various types projects, and those projects mostly is indoor bathroom and kitchen. As we know the marble mosaic tiles is a classical and nice art stone products. Some customers ask about why you should do water proof to the marble mosaic tiles, and we can not see it,even you do it, but the cost is little higher than normal.

We know the marble mosaic often used for bathroom wall and floor, or kitchen wall,etc. There always has enough water and dusty thing, if we do not marble mosaic water proof treat to the marble mosaic tile, then customers will not easy maintenance at the daily life, and can not use for long time with always easy clean and beautiful shape. So almost every marble mosaic tiles factory do water proof before cargo leave from workshops.

marble mosaic water proof

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