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Wholesale Mosaic Marble Flooring Types And Patterns

1st August 2021

Marble mosaic has a wide range of applications, which can be used on walls, floors, swimming pools and so on.In those products, the different shape that with different request for size and destilaed.With more and more peoples use mosaic for floor, the peoples also start to interest wholesale mosaic marble flooring products now. How many types of this products? How many patterns?

At first, if we check material and color, then Mosaic Marble Flooring have rich types. For example, there have white mosaic marble flooring,black, red, and other colors.At the same time, we know marble materials have different origin and different use. KungfuMosaic have rich marble stone in stock, and that also easy to buy from local stone market. That can make sure our products materials is good enough for customers choose.

Secondly,when we check mosaic shape, there also have different choice. Similar like as other poplar marble mosaic tiles shape. This product also have hexagon, flower, rubble round, and other popular shapes. In general, our factory can design and supply mosaic patterns drawing to buyers for confirm.

Finally, as our company with own marble mosaic workshop, that always can produce mosaic in good quality and good control. In other words,we can supply customs design and produce. If wholesalers and retailers have any special demand for marble mosaic flooring, we also can do it as demand.

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