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Where Used Of Water Jet Marble Mosaic?

30th June 2018

Water Jet Marble Mosaic 

The water jet marble mosaic is very popular in the stone markets now, that products mainly used for some high class hotel, villa, or office buildings indoor places or lobby center. This kind of marble mosaic mostly do in a flower shape or special textures that designers requested. the popular shape in round or some special shapes,etc. This products also named medallion marble mosaic too. The products made by many different colors mosaic strips in various colors, the every small piece marble mosaic strips in small size, and the surface mostly do in polish, saw cut, or acid treatment, etc.

Our company with rich experience in produce high quality water jet marble mosaic, and we also can supply free samples, free design,etc. The customers can let us know drawing or idea, we will do all other things.

Our workers always pay great attention to every pieces water jet marble mosaic tiles, and carefully treat every pieces mosaic strips by machine too. Welcome visit our workshops or give us inquiry.

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