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What Style Of Beige Marble Mosaic Tile Is Popular?

3rd January 2019

When we talked about beige marble mosaic at the first time, most buyers thought it is most popular colors about 5 years ago in the China and other markets, but we know that the White marble mosaic products and white color is has occupy the No1 at the market now. There has many reasons, as the white color is more fashion now, and beige marble materials itself problems,etc. But how about beige marble mosaic? which style is popular?

The beige marble stone material have some different with beige marble mosaic tile product, as we know the mosaic shapes and styles in rich, the workers always can produce it in many shapes, some times, the raw material in very cheap and it is not very beautiful , but the mosaic product with great effect and nice performance.

About the beige marble mosaic tile, there has square shape, round, pebble, fish scale and chevron style, of course, there also has about 20 more other types that also popular in the market now. For the different market, we are also advise customer to choose different shape that can suitable for local market now. For example, to the Canada market, we are often advise customer to choose chevron, fish scale, etc. and To the Middle east countries, they are often like to use lantern style,etc.

By the way, even the same beige marble mosaic tile product, but there also has different materials too, some is Egypt beige marble, and some is Chinese beige marble, and some is Turkey beige marble, to choose which style, that should be check the customers projects decoration styles,etc .

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