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What Kind Of Marble Border Tile Do You Like?

20th June 2019

In general, we know the marble border tile also with wide application. Different like from natural marble mosaic, this product often in similar size. For example, the most popular in rectangle shape like as 1m or 1.2m,etc. We are introduce some info about this product today.

What Is Marble Border Tile Product?

At first, we know this product made of natural marble. Meanwhile, the materials also in rich colors too. For example, the popular with white,red,black,etc. In fact, this kind of product often made by many colors together. In short, we know it is also just a popular natural stone products.

The product with same application as mosaic tiles. For instance, this product often used for indoor bathroom and kitchen. Especially used for wall tiles.

Does This Product In Easy Producing And Fast Delivery Time?

Generally speaking, this kind of product also is easy produce too. That can make sure our products supply in big quantity. For example, the general supply is about 500m per week. Of course, all products quality is guaranteed. In addition, our workers with rich experience in this field too.

How Many Type Of Marble Border Tile Product Can Choose?

In general, our company can supply rich stone materials can choose. In addition, those products also with various pattern too. At first, our company always supply drawing for confirm. Of course, the customers also can let us know detailed request too.

Coffee Marble Border Tiles

Coffee Marble Border Tiles

Crema Marfil Marble Border Tile

Crema Marfil Marble Border Tile

Emperador Dark Marble Border Tile

Emperador Dark Marble Border Tile

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