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What is the best use of the gap between the marble mosaics?

August 3, 2018

The natural marble mosaic has a very wide gap in the middle. This kind of gap is obviously not suitable for general coatings, because the paint is easy to get dirty and will affect the laying effect of the marble floor or the wall.

marble mosaic gap











In fact, during the laying process of pure natural marble, the gap between marble and marble is made of special glue, which is called marble glue. The marble mosaic is laid as shown below. The use of marble glue in the laying process is as follows

marble mosaic gap2











1 Clean up the filler between the natural marble gaps

2 Use the slitting machine to re-align the slits in the original stone installation to minimize the gap width between the stones. (Note: If you have done the middle seam before, you do not need to re-seam)

3 Clean the dust in the cracked stone gap with a vacuum cleaner

4 Perfectly color the marble glue to make it close to the original stone color

5 Use a blade to fill the well-contained marble glue evenly in the cut gap (the marble glue will shrink to a certain extent after solidification, so the marble glue should be slightly higher than the stone level, so that it will not be filled multiple times. )

6 When the filled marble glue is dry, the gap is polished to make it a flat surface with the stone! Grinding is polished with a polishing pad and a polishing filler is used.

7 Finally, using a marble polishing machine, the stone is ground from coarse to fine, which makes the ground bright and new as new.

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