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What Is Feature Of Marble Mosaic Tile?

20th November 2019

Marble is one of the most popular decoration materials. Mainly because the marble itself is full of its own unique colors. In fact, marble can also be made into mosaics on the walls, and the effect of laying is also very good. Here’s a look at what is the marble mosaic and marble mosaic mosaic features.

What is marble mosaic?

The marble mosaic is made from a unique workmanship of native stone. It does not contain a little chemical dye. The marble mosaic retains the quaint color unique to the stone itself. This natural marble mosaic makes people immersed in the space of unpretentious colors and excellent natural texture. It naturally forgets the glitz and reality in reality. Oh, in this blurry time space, I feel authentic and simple.

Marble mosaic tiles features

  1. Material innovation

The usual mosaic materials are some stone, glass or metal. Through the novel manufacturing process, the mosaic has been innovative in texture, and there are gold, shell, coconut shell, bamboo and wood mosaic. Ceramic mosaics and glass mosaics are the most widely used, and the use of other material mosaics is not common, but it can also enrich the spatial expression.

2, Rich colors

Marble Mosaic is not limited to some gorgeous colors, and the same dark color is also loved by everyone, it can play a vital role in the mosaic color.

3, small size

The common specifications are 20mm×20mm, 25mm×25mm, 50mm×50mm, etc. Now, according to the need, there are 10mm×10mm. This small size is mainly used to fight murals and special patterns. The above specifications are mainly used in the market. “Lian” is sold for the unit, which is a practical unit that puts a single piece of mosaic on a piece of paper.

4, random collage

Mosaics of different colors, specifications and styles can have different visual effects, such as a plane in the same color, a transition of the same color, a pattern of different colors, a tile for other decorative materials such as tiles. Embellishments, etc., are successful applications of marble mosaic tiles, and can also play a finishing touch.

Flower Carvings White Marble Hexagon Tiles
Flower Carvings White Marble Hexagon Tiles

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