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What is bad quality marble mosaic tiles?

19th August 2018

In the common marble mosaic introduce articles, we always introduce how to get a high quality mosaic products, and we should to pay more attention to where items, but there still has many customers and buyers confused and want to know what is bad quality mosaic tiles, how to buy it in good quality.

When we want to know good and bad quality marble mosaic tiles,we have to be know the mosaic production progress and how many steps decides the quality. Just as our previous article introduce, the marble mosaic produce progress mainly has 6 steps, and every step is important,the detailed can check our article marble mosaic quality check.  Anyway, we know which is important to get high quality marble mosaic, then we are mainly introduce what is bad quality marble mosaic.

1 The bad quality raw materials

The bad quality raw marble materials, its can not cut high quality finished products, as there always with cracks, lines, and other colors lines or spots on the surface, its always not safe and beauty.

2 Old mosaic machine

The old mosaic machine with low production efficiency and the finished products also with defects always, such as corners cracks,not exactly sizes and tolerance thickness or sizes is too big,etc.

3 Workers without experience

If the marble mosaic workers without produce experience, then they do not know how to put exact and good quality mosaic strips to the correct places, then can not get a high quality finished marble mosaic products too.

If you are a new marble mosaic buyer or just use 1 or 2 times decoration, you can looking professional marble mosaic supplier and get good service, that will be better for you.


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