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  • Waterjet Marble Mosaic Flooring Tiles

    Marble Water Jet Mosaic ,

    This Waterjet Marble Mosaic Flooring Tiles in white color, that used for various stone project too. Our company and workers with rich experience in water jet marble mosaic produce.

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    This Waterjet Marble Mosaic Flooring Tiles with special and beautiful styles. Obviously, it belongs to white marble mosaic product. In addition, the style is not popular simple shape, but that in new design. We can see there also with golden color decoration too.

    In general, we can use this Waterjet Marble Mosaic Flooring Tiles for the indoor pavers project. For example, for some hotel lobby or office buildings etc. Of course, the most popular use is bathroom and kitchen. Indeed, this marble mosaic made by Italian white marble. If customers like to use Cheap white marble,we also can choose Chinese Marble to produce it.

    Obviously, this marble mosaic tile with polish surface.There also can choose honed and other smoothly surface types too. Meanwhile, even the product with so great quality and looks, but the product with competitive price too.

    Product NameWaterjet Marble Mosaic Flooring Tiles
    MaterialsCarrara White Marble
    DetailedExport: Xiamen Port
    Loading 1400m2 in 1 container
    Thickness 0.7cm
    Style: Waterjet
    Material OriginItaly
    Number MWJ0047
    Waterjet Marble Mosaic Flooring Tiles

    This white marble mosaic belongs to water jet mosaic product

    This Waterjet Marble Mosaic Flooring Tiles MOQ is 10m2

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