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  • Triangle Pattern Grey Marble Mosaic

    Gray Marble Mosaic ,

    This product is a special design pattern marble mosaic. The product in stable quality and that with widely use too.

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    The Grey Marble Mosaic is popular now. In general, our company always give customer some materials advise. In addition, there also with pattern design too.This product in triangle shape. It is can be used for many project.

    This product also with quality guarantee 5 years too.

    Product Name Triangle Pattern Grey Marble Mosaic
    Matrials Imported Gray Marble
    Detailed Export: Xiamen Port
    Loading 1000m2 in 1 container
    Thickness 1cm
    Style:Irregular Style
    Surface Polish
    Material Origin Turkey
    Size 305/305mm, or other customs size
    Number MCV0032
    Triangle Pattern Grey Marble Mosaic

    Triangle Pattern Grey Marble Mosaic

    Triangle Pattern Grey Marble Mosaic

    Triangle Pattern Grey Marble Mosaic

    There with Turkey grey marble. Of course, if customer like other materials that is also ok.

    It is made by many triangle shapes for design.

    This style product MOQ is 50m2

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