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The Split Surface Marble Mosaic Application

June 30, 2018

Split Stone Mosaic 

When we say marble mosaic, we know the surface mostly do in polish or honed and some other flat surface, but there also has some special surface design too. Like as the natural split surface, this kind of surface marble mosaic is not a 3d surface treatment, but its with low and high levels too.

Some peoples will ask where do we use this kind of marble mosaic? Yes, its can be used for indoor and outdoor both, as the split surface is natural stone rock own surface, its can be used for outdoor in bad whether and still can keep natural stone looks too. Its also can be used for indoor wall cladding too, its will bring antique effect to the home owners, and can reflect special feelings to the decoration.

In the split marble mosaic production, the cost is similar as polish, and its not too much higher than other styles marble mosaic production. If you are interest, welcome contact with us email freely

We know the natural marble mosaic is a environment friendly stone products, in the mosaic production progress, there has not any pollution to the local environment, and the raw materials mostly use left stone materials,when produce other tiles and sucptures in big sizes, so the products is popular at the market now.

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