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The Natural Marble Mosaic Cost Is High Or Low?

August 17, 2018

The peoples or customers always think the natural marble mosaic in cheap cost, why the peoples thought like that? In the popular marble mosaic production introduce articles, they said the marble mosaic made by left materials from other finished stone products, and the raw materials is very cheap, so the marble mosaic tiles in cheap price too.

Is this idea is correct? Kungfu Mosaic as a professional supplier, we have to say, this idea is not exactly correct, as that depends on the marble mosaic tiles orders quantity and delivery time. If customer mosaic order is small quantity, and or deilvery time is not fast, then we can select and buy raw blocks from other stone factory stock, select good blocks from their stock, the price is cheap and the mosaic price also in low too. But if the customer need big quantity stone mosaic , we have to buy similar quality raw blocks from quarry or blocks supplier, then the blocks price is market price and the mosaic tiles price is also is market price, can not do very cheap.

If you need natural marble mosaic, welcome contact with us, and we will always quote in honest and best price.

Marble Mosaic Cost

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