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The natural beauty of stone mosaics Will you use them skillfully?

August 10, 2018

The stone mosaic decoration effect is very good. When designing, many designers choose to use stone mosaic to make embellishment, or use stone mosaic to make puzzles. The effect of decoration is very unique and exquisite.So, how to choose the right stone mosaic for decoration? What should you pay attention to?

Decorate the home with a small piece of mosaic, and use different colors of mosaic to create different patterns. This is also a very popular way of decoration.Now, in the field of mosaic, most peoples likes to choose stone mosaic.

Many people like environmentally friendly and natural feelings when designing their homes. They are natural and pollution-free. Stone mosaics are in line with this feature, completely crafted with pure natural craftsmanship.

Clever use of stone mosaic

Start with color

For example, the overall style of your home design is simple and generous. The natural matching stone mosaic process can’t be too fancy, but choose the color elegant, simple, do some simple geometric arrangement, or use 3D stone mosaic to look bump Uneven, a little ups and downs

To match the style of decoration

If it is a kind of luxury and extravagant decoration style in Europe and America, you can design a stone mosaic puzzle and design some gorgeous fancy styles, which will match the whole design style. Otherwise, the simple design will look a bit awkward. For the decoration style, it is still necessary to pay attention to matching and harmony.

Pay attention to during construction

After deciding which stone mosaic to choose, pay attention to it during the construction process! If you know the stone, after grinding, there are small pores on the surface. If you accidentally splash paint, cement, etc. during the construction process, It’s not easy to dispose of it! Remember to put a layer of wax on the stone mosaic after the completion, so protect it. Do not use acid and alkaline cleaners during the usual cleaning process!

The stone mosaic made of natural stone brings a simple natural atmosphere and becomes the heart of many people who pursue natural harmony. If you want your own home to be unique, you can try the stone mosaic

Stone Mosaic

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