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Stone Mosaic Maintenance Knowledge

July 25, 2018

As the stone mosaic is decorative and has good wear resistance,Stone mosaics are once again popular in the decoration market, and more and more new home owners are entering the mosaic shopping market.After the home is renovated, the owners should do a good job in maintaining this aspect. If you don’t take care of it, you will lose it.The same is true for stone mosaics. If you try your best to be affected by improper maintenance, it will not pay off,small affects the appearance, but large needs to be turned over, so it is very important to protect the finished products and daily maintenance after the stone mosaic paving.Kungfu Mosaic would like to remind customers who purchase stone mosaics to maintain the stone mosaic from the following three points

Stone mosaic maintenance after paving:

1 Inspection details: After all the wall surface is pasted, after the bonding layer is finally set, after the joint is finished, check again, and the floating sand left in the seam can be gently taken out with a clean moist soft brush. Use of rice strips,cement mortar is flattened and cleaned with a cloth.When the bonding layer and the joint mortar are finally set, clean it.

2Do a good job: After the mosaic paving is completed, pay attention to the protection of the finished product, and properly dry it. In the freshly finished surface layer, the sun should be avoided. The room should be properly ventilated and kept until about 24 hours after the delivery. Generally, the post-laying of the mosaic should be no less than 7 days.

3 Clean: When the bonding layer and the jointing mortar are finally set, the surface of the mosaic can be cleaned. The cleaning work requires two barrels, one for the new detergent and one for the clean water. First, soak the rag in the bucket containing the detergent, do not wring it out, and then wipe the mosaic surface in a circular motion.Then soak the sponge in a second, clean bucket, then sponge the surface and wipe off any residue. Finally, once again wipe the surface with a sponge until it is clean

Daily cleaning of stone mosaic: it can be cleaned with water and absorbent cotton cloth.As the surface of the stone mosaic is relatively flat, it is not easy to hide dirt, so it is very convenient when cleaning. In addition, it can be rubbed with a neutral brightener to help keep the mosaic surface bright.

Daily maintenance of stone mosaic: Need to pay attention to the daily maintenance of mosaic wall.First, it is necessary to prevent heavy objects from colliding; secondly, if mosaics are lost or missing, it is necessary to use the same type of mosaic to make up; third, daily attention should be cleaned in time, usually clear and clear, and must be cleaned once a week.

If you insist on doing the above three-point maintenance, you can extend the stone mosaic to make your home decoration look like new. If there has any natural stone marble mosaic tiles installation, maintenance, and some other questions,just call Kungfu Mosaic workshops, we will always give advises.

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