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Stone Mosaic Lay Methods

19th July 2018

Stone mosaic is with widely used, hotels and home decoration can be use the stone mosaic.Stone mosaics mainly include marble mosaic, granite mosaic, onyx mosaic, travertine mosaic, special shaped mosaic, art waistline mosaic and other products.

The production of stone mosaic is mainly the processing of stone blocks,The raw materials of the mosaic mainly come from the left corner of the slab stone processing factory.It is best to cut the remaining edge material by a thin tiles of 1cm or less. The variety and color of the stone are as good as possible.Mosaics are mostly made of matt or rough surfaces, as well as polished surfaces.For small batch production or production of united mosaic stone mosaic products, you can use a small desktop cutting machine with a diamond saw blade to cut mosaic mosaic.It is also possible to process mosaic blocks using a small hydraulic cutting machine with upper and lower cutting tools.


There are three ways to lay the stone mosaic mosaic pattern.

One is the method of sticking and splicing patterns on the whole board, also called direct assembly method,In addition, there are two methods of laying the mosaic mosaic pattern of the rough surface. The first one is the back paper method, similar to the glass mosaic. The paste pattern is first attached to the kraft paper net, and the concrete is directly adhered to the mounting surface. On, after curing, remove the paper net.

The other is the bracket method. Some ABS plastic brackets can be made according to the design pattern in advance. Each piece of rough surface stone corresponds to one bracket.

The bracket is fixed on the mounting surface with screws, and then the stone is adhered to the bracket with adhesive. On the same, it can also form a variety of graphic beautiful, antique stone mosaic effect, construction is very convenient.The back paper method is easy to install. Since the mosaic pattern has been pre-designed at the time of production by the stone manufacturer, the composition of the picture is single and rigid, and the artistic creativity is lost, but it is very suitable for the standardization and mass production mode of the factory. Although the bracket method is complicated to teach, it can be made by the installer according to the pre-designed pattern and shape, leaving the installer with a large space for imagination.

Venice Hotel Shenzhen is a natural stone mosaic kingdom, the restaurant floor of the Venice Hotel, all with stone mosaic paving.If you look at it inadvertently, it is as soft as a woven carpet. The pattern is simple but it does not lose the value of art appreciation. Although the color is only black, white and yellow, it is not boring. The shape is only ordinary square or rectangular, but it shows the power beauty and square beauty in the repeated repetition.

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