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Stone Mosaic For Bathroom is Good or Not?

31st July 2018

Some customers always want to know stone mosaic is good or not to use the bathroom indoor decoration? To answer this question, we have to know the mosaic features and materials.

The characteristic of the mosaic is that the color changes are relatively large. For example, the mosaic of glass materials used nowadays, basically all the color systems can cover the entire spectrum, and the color of the ceramic is limited.

Second, mosaic tiles are more flexible. Generally, in many stone mosaic factories, according to customer requirements, one color, two colors, and multiple color collages can theoretically be used to create any pattern, and ceramic are restricted.

Third, there are many materials that can be used, such as ceramic, stone, glass, metal, etc. The advantages of stone mosaic are obvious, and there are also shortcomings in use. First, the cost of use is higher than that of ceramic tiles. Second, because there are more joints, it will take time to clean up later; considering the cost of use and practicality. The amount of mosaic used in the home is not much. Generally, it is only used as an embellishment for tiles. It is not suitable for large-area use.

Of course we know all mosaic tiles is not new product, you can use those types for indoor decoration and that just depends the customers request.

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