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19th Май 2021

Слово мозаика произошло из Древней Греции.В переводе с MOSAIC.

Мраморная мозаика
Мраморная мозаика

Первоначальный замысел - тщательное украшение, сращенный инкрустацией, и искусство, выраженное рисованием узоров на стене или полу с помощью цветных вставок, таких как галька, Оболочек, Плитка, стекло, и т.д..

Мраморная мозаика
Мраморная мозаика

В первые дни, people who lived in caves used various marbles to pave the floor in order to make the floor more durable.

The earliest mosaic was derived and developed on this basis

The first mosaic found to be used in architectural decoratio Sumerians on the Mesopotanian plains in the Mesopotamia

A large number of mosaics are used on the walls of the temple to splice a variety of simple and vivid pictures.To relieve the monotonous feeling revealed by the stone walls of those huge temples.

The marble mosaic tiles paving of ancient Greeks was very common.As a natural stone materials, there also with other materials can use. Like as granite, travertine and синий известняка, базальт,и т.д.

Мраморная мозаика
Мраморная мозаика

The most commonly used form at the time was black and white color

Paving stone marble mosaics that match each other

At that time there were only authoritative rulers and wealthy people can afford artisans and materials decorate the place where I live with mosaics in various patterns.

Мраморная мозаика
Мраморная мозаика

To the Roman period,Mosaic is ubiquitous as an artistic expression commonly used by nobles

Мраморная мозаика
Мраморная мозаика

Поэтому, the mosaic in the Roman period is the golden period of mosaic history and the most classic period of mosaic art.

By the 16th century

Glassmakers discovered how to make many different shades of glass

So there are as many as ten thousand different tones of mosaics

Мраморная мозаика
Мраморная мозаика

It also makes mosaic art highly detailed and complicated

Has left many classic mosaic art works to the world

The rise of oil painting art in the Renaissance, the choice of various art materials, and the changes in architectural forms and architectural styles all accelerated the decline of mosaics.

Мраморная мозаика
Мраморная мозаика

So the royal family or some Daxian nobles ordered craftsmen to collect natural stones of different colors and textures.

Cut and polish into small pieces and small pieces of particles. Pave and paste some original paintings on the wall one by one according to the artist’s original paintings, so that the master’s paintings and some famous paintings can be preserved forever

Мраморная мозаика
Мраморная мозаика

The unique permanent technique of mosaic art preservation painting and other artworks also made mosaic a dazzling star in the Renaissance.

The mosaic style of the Byzantine period was influenced by the East, and began to use a special glass mosaic-enamel

Мраморная мозаика
Мраморная мозаика

Mosaic art developed to its peak during this period

Spain at the end of the 19th century

Antonio Gaudi began to integrate mosaics into architectural art

The entire Güell Park in Barcelona, whether it is stone steps, stone pillars or curved stone benches

Мраморная мозаика
Мраморная мозаика

They are filled with all kinds of mosaics. They are all made of tiles, with brilliant colors.

It makes people feel in a dream. It is a classic masterpiece of mosaic in architectural art.

Due to the advancement of productivity, modern mosaics continue to improve the level of production technology.

With the continuous production and application of decorative materials, mosaics soon broke through the range of materials used in traditional mosaics. Например, ceramic art, mica, wood, stained glass sheets, and metal sheets are alternately used.
Formed a mosaic art with more texture and color impact.

Мраморная мозаика
Мраморная мозаика

Mosaic is not only a simple splicing, but also a mosaic art. Chinese mosaic craftsmanship

As early as the 11th century BC, the Shang Dynasty appeared. At that time, the bronze ware had adopted the inlaid technique of inlaid gold and jade. In the Warring States period, there had been a very exquisite gold-silver-inlaid decoration technique that is to inlay gold wires on bronzes, Silver wire etc.

In the middle of the 20th century, especially after the 1970s, after Chinese and foreign cultural studies and exchanges, mosaic crafts have developed more. In the history of modern Chinese architectural art, Shanghai Bund, Beijing Dongjiao Minxiang, Guangzhou Shamian, Qingdao Wanguo Village , Xiaoyanglou in Dalian, Xiyanglou Street in Harbin,
Most of the western buildings along the Wuhan River are buildings in ancient Roman architectural style. There are traces of the use of mosaics and mosaics inside and outside the building. Among them, the HSBC Bank Building and the Post Office Building in Shanghai Bund retain extremely precious and classic mosaic mosaics and mosaic decorations.

Marble Mosaic can be said to be the smallest decoration material. The shape is no longer limited to square and rectangular.As most professional Marble Mosaic Factroy из Китая, KungfuMosaic also can design rich shapes and styles.

Because of this, their combination can be ever-changing. Based on design innovation, люди сочетать различные цвета, different specifications, and different shapes of mosaics to reflect individual needs.

Marble mosaics are made of natural stone through a special process, without adding any chemical dyes. The center marble mosaic well retains the peculiar primitive color of the stone itself. This natural marble mosaic puts people in the space constructed by the unpretentious colors and excellent natural texture, and will naturally forget the glitz in reality. And the hustle and bustle, in this blurred space of time, we experience the truth and simplicity.

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