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31st October 2019

Как крытый дизайн камня развивающихся, the peoples start to focus on the Плитка мозаика продукта. Действительно, этот тип продукта не является новым продуктом, , который популярен на рынке на протяжении более многих сотен лет. Особенно, этот вид продукции особенно популярен в европейских странах и на рынках.

Как профессиональный marble mosaic tiles manufacturer and supplier из Китая, our company get many customers inquiry about marble mosaic tiles. Those products with different styles, various colors and patterns. Конечно, those products also used for various projects too. For more customers know well about mosaics colors , we want to introduce it here with detailed.

1 What Is Marble Mosaic Tiles?

На первый взгляд, we have to say what is marble mosaic. Действительно, the natural marble stone is a distributed around the world too. The most famous marble origin place is from Italy, Греция, and Turkey. Как мире каменный бизнес развивается, there also have more and more customers interest in Chinese marble. Then there also with rich marble resource are founded in China too. Whatever which marble materials, every type with own special feature and special use too. Например, some marble is suitable for produce marble countertop, and suitable for Мраморная плитка. В дополнение, there with a lot of suitable for produce marble mosaic tiles too.

Those marble material made by different composition.Конечно, those also with different colors too. The natural marble is the metamorphic rock formed by the original rock in the earth’s crust through high temperature and high pressure in the earth’s crust. The internal force of the crust promotes the process of qualitative change of various types of rock. В дополнение, the qualitative change refers to the change of the structure, structure and mineral composition of the original rock. And new type of rock formed by the qualitative change is called metamorphic rock. So that Marble is mainly composed of calcite, известняк, serpentine and dolomite. Its main component is calcium carbonate, accounting for more than 50%. Others include magnesium carbonate, calcium oxide, manganese oxide, and silicon dioxide. Сооо, our popular marble mosaic also in those content too.

Why so many peoples like to make mosaic made by natural marble? Да, the marble materials often with soft feature. В дополнение, there also with very beautiful textures and unique veins. It is with easy cutting for small size mosaic strips. That does not like Гранит мозаика tiles that more easy to break. Как granite stone with highers hardness than marble. Конечно, там же с 1 reason, that is most marble waste blocks materials can make all types mosaic, and then just need cheap cost.

Above those reasons that make the marble mosaic tile is very popular in the market now.

2 What Is Advantages Of Marble Mosaic Tiles?

As the mosaic industry developing, there also with other materials to produce it. For example, стеклянная мозаичная плитка, and metal mosaic tiles,и т.д.. Why there still with so many customers interest this kind of marble mosaic? Да, it is also with own special feature and advantages too. That make so many projects like to use it for decoration. What advantages? Here is some items we want to list as follows

2.1 Unique

As we know the natural marble stone is nonrenewable resource,every piece of marble stone is unique in the world. So the every piece of marble mosaic tile also is can not copy too. Even those products with similar color and pattern, but it is absolutely not totally same.

2.2 Rich patterns

The marble mosaic as an ancient decorative arts, that with long history, it has been used in the early European church window grille, and modern mosaic widely used in swimming pools, бары, kindergartens and other projects, forming a variety of colorful effect. В повседневной жизни, there with rich colors and patterns can choose and produce for customer.

2.3 Environmentally friendly

The most popular stone mosaic tiles is non-toxic and non-radiation, that is health for peoples body. In modern market, the peoples pay more attention to personal health now.And this product is a good and natural products .

2.4 Good decoration

Мраморная мозаика with a variety of materials or a variety of colors, style splicing, have rich decorative effects change, both the pattern or level are rich and colorful, according to different requirements to create a special atmosphere. We can choose some special type for own buildings decoration.

Конечно, there also with many other disadvantages too. Например, heavy weight, easy to dirty,laying mosaic skill is high,etc.But more peoples also like to use various type of mosaic to make home become special too.

3 Популярные цвета мраморной мозаики плитки?

We have introduced some info about marble mosaic. Then focus on the mainly topic. What is popular colors can choose from marble mosaic tiles? На первый взгляд, we know there with rich stone materials can be produce marble mosaic tiles. Например, там с Китайский мрамор, Мрамор Италия, Turkish Marble, и Греция, Spain marble all can choose to produce it too.

In those so many types marble materials, the peoples always can choose special color for own buildings projects. В целом, the most popular colors of marble mosaic tiles includes white, черный ,beige and brown,и т.д..

Белая мраморная мозаичная плитка

This type of product with light color and it is often used for high class of bathroom and kitchen use. The most popular materials like as Carrara White Marble, Oriental White Marble, Панда белый мрамор, Linken White, Heraclea White, Calacatta Marble, Statuario Marble, Мрамор "Тасос", Mystery White Marble, White Himalaya, Мрамор "Тасос", White Mist, Bianco Venatino, Bianco Nuvolato, Bianco Persia, Sirjan Marble, Superior Rainfall, Altius Marble, White Leopard Marble, Helicon Spider Marble, Veron White, Arabescato Meraviglioso,и т.д..

Черная мраморная мозаичная плитка

This type of product in deep color, Это также с широкое применение слишком. Несколько раз, we often use it for some special wall decoration. There also with rich materials can choose.For example, Мрамора Marquina Nero, Черного мрамора Marquina, Black Wooden Marble, Black Forest Marble, Zebra Black Marble, Mugla Black Marble, Black Marshal, Black Calacatta, Royal Vein Black, Black Agate, Imperial Black, Kenya Black, Black Emperador, Nero Tunisi, Black Armani, Jet Black Marble, Noir Khenifra, Nero Picasso, Noir Serpents, Alcantara Black, Fossil Black Marble, Portoro Antalya marble,и т.д..

Beige Marble Mosaic Tiles

The beige color is a classical color , as this color is used for indoor marble projects for long time. And there still with a lot of peoples like this color of marble for decoration too. The popular materials with Crema Marfil Marble,Galala Beige, Burdur Beige, Serpeggiante, Oman Beige, Crema Nova, Golden Cream, Botticino Classico, Travera, Sunny Marble, Crema Royal, Ottoman Beige, Cream Karaman, Breccia Sarda marble,и т.д..

Wooden Marble Mosaic Tiles

This type of product is very popular in market now. As we know there with many famous wooden marble that with great looks and special pattern. Kungfu Mosaic can produce many beautiful types to customers choose. In addition, the all mosaic with high quality and nice price too. The popular materials includes Kylin Wood Marble, Афины деревянные мрамор, Athens White, Афины-серый, Кофе деревянные мрамор, Black Wooden, Grey Wood Grain, Chenille White, Black Armani, Siberian Sunset, Magic Brown, Crystal Wood Grain, Eramosa Marble, Rosewood Grain, Royal Wood Grain, Tobacco Brown Marble, Oscar Wood Grain, Purple Wood Marble, Platinum Striato Marble, Ancient Wood Grain, Red Wood Grain, Blue Oak Marble, Hematite Black Marble, Magic Black Marble,и т.д..

Серый мрамор мозаика

We know the grey marble or grey stone colors is very popular too. This kind of product with rich materials to produce. В дополнение, the most popular stone materials with very high quality and good price. The popular materials have Grey Girl Marble, Cinderella, Shay Grey, London Grey, Grey Wood Grain, Catera Grey Marble, Galanz Grey Marble, Ash Wood Marble, Grey Serpeggiante Marble, Macaron Grey Marble,Hang Ash Grey, Spider Gray Marblel, Silver Shadow, Grey Emperador, Fior di Bosco, Baltic Gray, Nordic Grey, Pietra Gray, Luna Grey, Tundra Grey, Grey Wood Grain,и т.д..

Brown Marble Mosaic Tiles

The brown marble mosaic is not very popular, but there also with some special use too. The popular materials includes Emperador Dark Marble, Brown Marshal, Pietra Brown, Parquet Marble, Crystal Maroon Marble, Marron Cappuccino Marble, Mystic Brown, St.Laurent Marble, Coffee Brown Marble,и т.д.. Except those marble colors and materials, there also with other types, but those are not very popular. Например, pink marble mosaics, yellow marble mosaics,Golden marble mosaic, and purple, green marble mosaic, blue and colorful types can choose.

beige marble mosaic tiles
Black Marble Mosaic Tile
Коричневый мрамор мозаика
Colorful Marble Mosaic Tile
Green Marble Mosaic Tile
Серая мраморная мозаика Плитка
Белая мраморная плитка мозаика
Wooden Marble Mosaic Tile

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