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20th Ноябрь 2019

В последние годы, мозаики становятся все более и более популярными среди дизайнеров. Мозаика разнообразна по стилю, имеют отличный артистизм, и широко используются. Они имеют свою индивидуальность в крупномасштабном использовании или мелкомасштабном использовании. Когда мы проектируем и применяем, мы не можем слепо копировать, цвет соответствия, выбор укладки должен выбрать свой собственный подходящий цвет в соответствии с пространственным расположением, operating mosaic more than 10 years of experience, summarizing the following suggestions, the design is not necessarily good, must be bad options, only like, suitable for their own Preferences are the most correct choice.

The monolithic (300*300 specification is one piece) стена, but it is also suitable in some spaces that require messiness. What is the key to express? effect. Single-chip color is more, more chaotic, more suitable for small area embellishment, embellishment is to highlight his personality, set off the surrounding, it must have content, there is a place to attract attention, so the monotonous messy effect can be done Go to content and add two points to the whole space, which will not make the space monotonous.

Material selection, do not blindly pursue the light, not to say that the light is not good, the space needs to adjust the brightness, it is definitely the bright material is the first choice, the bright product generally has to be light to have a better effect, if this place It belongs to the dark area. You can put on a bright product and it can’t make a good decoration effect. If the lighting is very good, try the materials such as matt or retro, and it will give the space a more charm. Mosaic as a niche product, the amount is generally not large, do not choose the quality in the second, the bad business for a dollar of profit to think of the brain, not afraid to sacrifice quality to compete, the products made in the first 3 months and the same authentic There is no difference. After 3 months or even less, the problem of discoloration begins to occur. Genuine products can reach the same life as the building. I suggest taking the principle, which will eliminate many defective products.

Bathrooms, outdoor, and wet areas are recommended to choose ceramic mosaic, Каменная мозаика, Плитка мозаика,and crystal mosaic, Мозаика оболочки, and other weather-resistant products, do not choose mirror mosaic, and metal mosaic, mirror mosaic requirements are relatively high, the construction process uses neutral Mosaic adhesives, or neutral mosaic structural adhesives, и т.д., can not be sloppy for construction requirements. It can be used very well in outdoor construction. Metal mosaics are also required for outdoor use. High-quality 304 stainless steel or aluminum should be used. Plastic panel mosaics, as well as aluminum alloy mosaics that have emerged in recent years, can be used outdoors. Metal mosaic tapes can not be used outdoors, although the adhesive is very strong now, there are too many uncertain outdoor factors. , easy to fall off, и т.д.

Mosaic construction is very simple, but pay attention to the choice of methods and materials. В последние годы, there have been many materials such as mosaic adhesives, Boma gel, mosaic glue, и т.д.. These materials are higher than our commonly used cement mortar. Is it necessary to use it? Да. The convincing one is the engineering standard. The standard project clearly shows that the special adhesive for the mosaic is used, but it also has a very good effect. The cement can also be glued, but the weather resistance is convenient. Преимущества, the probability of particles falling out after a long time is very high.

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