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18th Ноябрь 2019

В современном оформлении, каменная мозаика с все больше и больше использования в настоящее время. Особенно, мраморная мозаика плитки используется для более высокого класса зданий и проектов в настоящее время. Что такое натуральная мраморная мозаичная плитка? как работает и как об использовании?

Как самый профессиональный производитель мраморной мозаики из Китая, our company with rich experience in produce and export this kind of product. В дополнение, we also with some unique and new design style for market too. Теперь, we want to introduce this product feature in short.Of course, there always with rich marble mosaic colors can choose from our company.

1, marble mosaic is environmentally friendly
Shell mosaics, marble mosaics, нефрит мозаики, etc.all those products are made of pure natural materials, without adding any harmful substances during processing. In today’s era of pursuing environmental protection and pursuing nature, mosaics made of these natural materials best meet people’s environmental protection philosophy.Especially, we know the marble mosaic tiles with unique style and without any radiation too.

2, the marble mosaic with strong decorative feature
Mosaic uses the form of jigsaw to enhance its decoration. The marble mosaic material is very rich and the color changes. It has gradually evolved from traditional small stone particles to shells, ceramics, металл, glass and other materials. Marble Mosaic Tiles can express the temperament and emotion of the material itself. When decorating the interior space, it can be used as an embellishment material for other decorative materials, or it can be used to make a mosaic wall in a large area. It can use the gradient method of mosaic brick color. Various geometric arrangements are also available. Marble Mosaic tiles give people a new feeling of impact and beauty with their rich patterns.

3, the marble mosaic has a long service life
As the main raw materials of the mosaic are mostly good natural marble, in terms of its wear resistance, it is unmatched by decorative materials such as ceramic tiles and wooden floors. Because there are many gaps between each small particle of the mosaic brick, its anti-stress ability is more advantageous than other decorative materials. This is also the mosaic that can survive for thousands of years and enter our modern life from the Roman era. Bloom it wonderful.

4, mosaic scarcity
Scarcity is reflected in the fact that its raw materials are natural and non-renewable resources, such as marble mosaics. The formation of marble is the result of structural deterioration caused by long-term extrusion, high temperature, buried calcium carbonate or calcium magnesium carbonate. As natural minerals continue to be mined, resources will gradually dry up and its value will continue to increase.

5, mosaic security
With good anti-slip and wear resistance, marble mosaic tiles are widely used in places with high anti-skid requirements such as bathing center, swimming pool, kitchen and bathroom space, and are practical and beautiful compared with other traditional materials.

6, mosaic personalized
Marble Mosaic allows some fashion-conscious people who like DIY to have more space to show their creativity. В дополнение, a stainless steel mosaic is no longer limited to the kitchen space, it can also be used to make TV background walls, living room walls and bedroom or porch decoration. The personality and natural beauty embodied in mosaic art exudes intoxicating fragrance

каррара белая елочка мраморная мозаика Китай
каррара белая елочка мраморная мозаика Китай

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