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Как обслуживание мраморная плитка мозаика?

18й июль 2018

Мозаика из натурального мрамора – прочный и прочный материал для отделки стен. Многие европейские стили и современные стили используют каменные отделочные материалы для украшения земли. Однако, камень кажется жестким, но на самом деле это требует от нас тщательного ежедневного технического обслуживания., так что декоративная ценность мраморной мозаики может быть более экстремальной.

Stone seems to be hard, but in fact marble mosaic is quite “хрупкий”.Whether in the process of decoration and installation or in the later period of residence and use, marble mosaics need us to do adequate maintenance,but what is correct maintenance for the marble mosaic?

The maintenance of marble mosaics first of all, we need to consider how to clean the dust or debris on the marble mosaic,the cleaning of marble mosaics is mainly based on the method of pushing dust. We need to do all kinds of preparation work before using dust.First, the electrostatic precipitator needs to be infiltrated into the rag of the mopping floor, and the electrostatic precipitant is generally sprayed on the mop.and it can be used after 3 to 4 small eyes. It should be noted that the mop should be sealed and dried.

Второй,Before using the mop to preserve the marble mosaic, we also check whether the fibers of the mop are clean.Check if the electrostatic precipitant has completely penetrated onto the mop.In this way, it is better to maintain or maintain the later marble mosaic.

Третий,When using a mop, we must first clean the water stains on the ground.In this way, the fibrous tissue on the mop can be protected from the disease, and the maintenance technique of the marble mosaic lies in the technology of pushing the dust.For the maintenance of stone wall and ground, we must pay attention to the use of its cleaning agent. The corrosiveness of the cleaning agent should not be too high. Как правило, a special marble mosaic cleaner will be selected, otherwise the molecular structure on the marble mosaic will be affected, resulting in marble mosaic damage.

Marble Mosaic Maintenance











The maintenance of marble mosaics, in addition to the method of pushing dust, we can also choose the technical treatment of polishing, but the polishing project requires a large amount, so it is generally used for two years before the marble mosaic can be polished.Polishing is not only a more thorough maintenance and maintenance of the marble mosaic, but also a new glow on the entire ground.

Marble mosaic maintenance also requires the attention of our daily life, such as the inability to use hard objects to touch the stone wall.Generally, you can choose floor mats or carpets to protect the stone finishes. В дополнение, when our marble mosaics are damaged, we need to let the professional masters handle them. Don’t deal with them yourself. В противном случае, if it is not successful, it will affect the whole home effect.

In order to extend the service life of marble mosaics, it is the key to block the penetration of water and pollution sources.We must regularly maintain and inspect the marble mosaic, and also choose the protective agent to protect it. The quality of the selected protective agent should be fully guaranteed.After construction, it is necessary to maintain the ventilation and ventilation of the ground stone decoration materials, and to do waterproof and anti-fouling measures. В дополнение, when selecting the stone curing agent, it is important not to be cautious, otherwise it will increase the difficulty of stone maintenance and cause irreversible damage to the marble mosaic.

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