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Мозаика блог

This is a professional marble mosaic blog.Here mainly introduce our company mainly products. The blog not just talk about stone mosaic material, also includes processing,export,и т.д..

The marble mosaic is our company mainly products. This blog often introduce stone mosaic tile knowledge. Kungfu Mosaic mainly products includes marble mosaic tile,Мраморная ванная комната мозаика,and other stone mosaic.

A good stone mosaic blog have to be with all info about mosaic. This mosaic blog not just introduce product, also has other info. Our company with rich experience in do all steps for produce high quality finished product.You also can leave your comments on our marble mosaic blog too.

What Is Feature Of Marble Mosaic Tile?

What Is Feature Of Marble Mosaic Tile?

Мрамор является одним из самых популярных декоративных материалов. Mainly because the marble itself is full of its own unique colors. На самом деле, marble can also be made into mosaics on the walls, and the effect of laying is also very good. Here’s a look at what is the marble mosaic and marble mosaic mosaic features. What is marble mosaic? …

Обратите внимание на следующие недоразумения при выборе мозаики

Обратите внимание на следующие недоразумения при выборе мозаики

In recent years, mosaics have become more and more popular among designers. Mosaics are diverse in style, have excellent artistry, and are widely used. They have their own individuality in large-scale use or small-scale use. When we design and apply, we cannot blindly copying, color matching, styling choices should choose their own suitable color according to the spatial layout, operating

Что такое вставить для мозаики?

Что такое вставить для мозаики?

What kind of paste is used for the mosaic is determined by the material of the mosaic. Как правило, the common Boma glue, structural adhesive, and mosaic adhesive are several major categories. The sub-dividing points are to distinguish between neutral adhesives and non-neutral adhesives. The base layer used for these glues also has a certain relationship. Cement base layer, wood base

Мраморная мозаика Цвета Выберите

Мраморная мозаика Цвета Выберите

The natural marble mosaic colors play a important role at the indoor projects. В целом, the different colors materials also will decides the finished products styles too. How to carry out effective matching will be related to the overall effect of the decoration. So here is a need to introduce some basic sense to customers. Marble Mosaic Tone That is

Marble Mosaic Flooring

О черная мраморная мозаика Цена

To confirm a marble mosaic tiles price, that is a important and useful things. As we know that the marble mosaic as an art product, but its also always with big use at the commercial projects. Every commercial projects also should be check the products cost and service life. As the more peoples start to accept marble mosaic for more

Природные Мраморные мозаичные плитки Функция

Природные Мраморные мозаичные плитки Функция

In the modern decoration, the stone mosaic with more and more use now. Особенно, the marble mosaic tiles has used for more high class buildings and projects now. What is natural marble mosaic tiles feature? how is working and how about use it? As a most professional marble mosaic tiles manufacturer from China, our company with rich experience in produce

Как выбрать мраморную мозаику для использования в гостинице

Как выбрать мраморную мозаику для использования в гостинице

Mosaic is a decorative art, usually made up of many small stones or pieces of colored glass. The glass art in the church is also called stained glass. In the Byzantine Empire, mosaics evolved into the form of murals in churches and palaces with the rise of Christianity. Today’s mosaics refer to this type of colorful visual effects.At the daily

Каменная мозаика

Процесс производства каменной мозаики

Mosaic believes that everyone is familiar with it, it has long appeared in our daily lives. The original meaning is: процесс или гранул мозаики и мрамора кусочки, для инкрустации, которая возникла в древней Греции. Originally, natural stone was used as the raw material of mosaic tiles. What is the production process of stone mosaic? Stone mosaics: натуральный мрамор, …

Marble Mosaic Flooring

Мраморная мозаика Полирование прочный?

As the peoples with higher request for indoor decoration,there with more and more materials or products start to popular now. As old style bathroom or kitchen indoor walls and flooring tiles decoration materials, the stone mosaic with new popular now. Особенно, the marble mosaic flooring is get more and more customers like. For some new marble mosaic buyers, там с …

Есть мозаичные мраморные полы трудно поддерживать?

Есть мозаичные мраморные полы трудно поддерживать?

In recent years, marble mosaic flooring has increasingly entered people’s lives and families. In order to maintain the luster and durability of the stone, the five-star international hotel will maintain the marble stone. Then, is the family marble mosaic maintenance clear? Why should stone be cured? Today, Kungfumosaic gives everyone a long-term vision and knowledge~ Why should the marble mosaic

Мозаичная плитка травертин

Травертин Мозаика Плитки Выберите

The mosaic as important decoration product, that has popular in market for very long time. Even from most early peoples culture.Why it is so popular, there also with some special features for this kind of product. Например, this product with rich pattern and textures, легко резать, and various style,easy installation and long time service life. Действительно, the peoples always

Популярные цвета мраморной мозаики плитки

As the indoor stone design developing, the peoples start to focus on the marble mosaic tiles product. Действительно, this type of product is not a new product, that has popular in market for more than many hundreds years.Especially, this kind of product is special popular in European countries and markets. As a professional marble mosaic tiles manufacturer and supplier from

Белый мрамор мозаика стили

The white marble mosaic also in rich styles. В повседневной жизни, we know this type of product is very popular in market now. В дополнение, the different countries and ares like various shapes too. To introduce this product ,we can say from 2 элементы, then can know this product well. 1 About the material. We know that the white

Мраморная мозаика плитки Против шифера Мозаика плитки

Мраморная мозаика плитки Против шифера Мозаика плитки

The natural stone mosaic tiles always with rich stone materials can choose. Например, there with natural marble, Гранит, but also with blue limestone, basalt and slate,quartzite. As the more and more new style stone mosaic tiles design developing, there has some customers interest in slate mosaic tiles. But what is same and difference with marble mosaic tiles? 1 About

Мраморная мозаика Белая Калакатта

О Белой Калакатта Мраморная мозаика Использования

We know that there always have a lot of white marble materials can produce marble mosaic tiles. Действительно, the white marble mosaic also is very popular in the market too. Например, we know that the famous like as Carrara White Marble, and Calacatta White marble mosaic,и т.д.. Особенно, as the secondly material often in very expensive and beautiful looks, Этот …

Marble Mosaic Tiles China

Некоторые преимущества Купить Мраморная мозаика плитки из Китая

The natural marble mosaic tiles is not a new product, that has popular in the market for long time. Конечно, as more and more peoples like to use it. there also appear some new shape and styles too. For the home owner ,if you buy marble mosaic in small quantity, you can buy from local shop, but for the

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