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Popular Marble Mosaic Style In 2017

July 18, 2018

Marble mosaic is mainly used for interior wall and floor decoration; it can also be laid in bathroom, bathtub and outdoor flower bed, pool, etc.The following is an example of the use of marble mosaics for your reference, some styles are popular in the 2017 year

Emperador Marble Mosaic











Light Emperador and Dark Emperador marble mosaic , that used for vanity tops

Vanity Top Mosaic









Mosaic for elevator porch

Mosaic for elevator porch









Mosaic TV Background









The porch floor or aisle, using mosaic color and diversity, collage into a beautiful pattern, so that a door has a very high quality.

Mosaic For Floor









Use on walls, floors, pool walls or sinks in wet areas bathrooms, bathhouses, etc.


Mosaic For Bathroom










Mosaic For Bathroom2









Mosaic For Bathroom3








Mosaic For Bathroom4









The use of the mosaic enamel net can be bent on the column of the hall, showing the mediocrity and grandeur. If you add a waistline, the effect is more fashionable.

Mosaic For Column








Mosaic For Column2









The effect of indoor and outdoor wall puzzles

Mosaic For Outdoor Wall









Outdoor waterscape wall paving mosaic effect

Landscape Mosaic









The large area of the fence and the green area is covered with stone mosaics. The designer uses the inspiration from the barcode to create a creative and modern style on the large and monotonous wall.

Marble mosaics were originally made from the scraps of marble sheet processing, and have the function of waste utilization to reduce the burden of processing the marble processing plant.

However, in recent years, with the extensive use of marble mosaics, and the corners of the materials are far from satisfying the creative ideas of the designers. Therefore, the mosaic processing factory gradually upgrades the processing equipment and adopts the large board, and even purchases the original stone for direct processing. Although the quality of the product is greatly improved, the production cost is also increased.

The follows are popular marble styles

Popular Mosaic Tiles









Popular Mosaic Tiles2









Usually the marble mosaic strips size is 15*15/20*20/23*23/25*25/48*48mm and the thickness is about 7~10mm. It can also be customized according to customer requirements; the external size is usually between 260~310. Among them, the conventional one is mainly 305*305mm.

Onyx is rich in color, bright and lustrous, coupled with special light and high hardness, so it is also popular among designers. The disadvantage is that the price is higher.

Onyx Mosaic











Composite and pattern marble mosaic

The strips of this type of mosaic is to first connect the mosaic strips of different colors, glue them together by a composite technique, and then completely harden them, then cut them into strips of a predetermined size by an infrared machine, and then lay them into a net. This repeated process is deeply loved by the Middle East.

Composite ceramic and marble mosaic

This kind of process is different from the previous one. The marble granules are first cut according to the pre-size, and then glued and fixed in a special mold, and then compounded on fixed-size tiles, artificial stone bricks or aluminum-plastic boards, and finally Then do the surface treatment.

The main purpose is to avoid the anti-moisture pollution, mildew and particle shedding in highly humid places, and to improve the service life of the mosaic. But this move is obviously more than one move, and increases production costs. Because the current mosaic has gradually changed to environmentally friendly and waterproof rubber, the particle shedding phenomenon has been greatly improved. This process requirement is common in Taiwan.

Ceramic Marble Mosaic









Above marble mosaic types are the latest popular style in 2017 and is loved and used by designers.Mainly in the shape of full design, and on the surface, the effect of smooth, matte, antique or lychee surface and sand blasting. A special sense of art and fashion, both visually and tactilely

Marble mosaic painting real-life decoration effect

Mosaic Flower Type










Mosaic Flower Type2










Mosaic Flower Type3

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