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Natural Stone Mosaic Vs Glass Mosaic

6th July 2018

When we talk about mosaic tiles, some peoples will say the most popular mosaic is glass mosaic, and its also is most beautiful, but some peoples will say the stone mosaic is also in rich style and its with special design and high class feels to your home, which mosaic tile is better? and which mosaic is suitable to you?

If we want to compare both mosaic tiles, we should to know what is stone mosaic, and what is glass mosaic. The natural stone mosaic tiles is means the mosaic tile raw materials is natural stone that includes marble, granite, basalt, limestone, travertine,and limestone, so we can say the stone mosaic tiles in rich choices and we know the every piece stone mosaic is unique in the world ,we can not make totally same stone mosaic again. The glass mosaic is means the mosaic tiles is made by glass, and the glass with very beautiful and rich colors change, the glass is artificial, so the glass mosaic supplier can supply any styles that just customer give them style and color reuqest, its can meet many peoples fashion request

The natural stone mosaic tiles applications can be used for indoor and outdoor both, but mostly its appear in the bathroom, kitchen,etc, and the glass mosaic also in widely use too. The both mosaic tiles every type with own special advantages, and its can not replace each other, so we can not say which is better, just can say which mosaic tile is suitable to you and your home style.

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