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Marble Wall Mosaic Vs Marble Floor Mosaic

April 4, 2019

At present, the marble mosaic tile is special popular. There always has new style in market. For example, bread shape, flower, and art styles,etc. To choose what kind of it? Do we can use special shape for own home?

At first, we know there has wall use and floor use type. Meanwhile, the various application request the mosaic with different feature too. What mainly difference? In other word, the marble wall mosaic and marble floor mosaic is totally same? The answer is no. There always in different feature too.

In general, the marble wall mosaic in light color. Different like from it, the marble floor mosaic mostly in dark color. Of course, there always has special design, but normally is yes.Secondly, the wall tiles with more rich styles.

Is there has any price change in both products? Generally speaking, there has no big difference in price. We know that the mosaic price depends on many items. For example, product pattern, material, and quantity,etc. The marble floor tile mosaic surface mostly in anti slip design. But the wall tiles in polish and other flat surface. Why do this? Yes, we have to make sure the floor with anti slip effect.

Our company always design and supply drawing to customer. If you has any new design demand, welcome contact with us freely.

Modern Stone Marble Mosaic

Modern Stone Marble Mosaic

Modern Stone Marble Mosaic

Modern Stone Marble Mosaic

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