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Marble Mosaic Vs Glass Mosaic Tile

7th July 2021

Mosaic is mainly used for floor or indoor wall decoration, and it is an ancient but advanced decorative product. Of course, from a material point of view, there are many different materials to choose.For example, there have natural stone mosaic tiles, artificial stone mosaic, glass mosaics and shell mosaic,ceramic mosaic,etc. Different materials with different feature and application. In daily life,more and more peoples interest Marble Mosaic And Glass Mosaic, how to choose it?

Marble stone is a very important material in stone series.The peoples can choose rich and different styles for produce produce. In general, popular products like as large marble slabs, marble vanity tops, marble flooring tiles and marble mosaic tiles,etc. As a professional marble mosaic supplier, our company understand and know marble stone feature. That is a very good material for produce mosaic tiles. Of course, there also with a lots of famous projects that choose marble mosaic for decoration now.

Glass Mosaic is a small-size color-finished glass product. It is made of glass of different colors and materials. Common specifications are 20/20mm, 30/30mm, 40/40mm, thickness often do in 4-6mm and so on. Glass mosaic is composed of natural minerals and glass powder, which is a safe and environmentally friendly building material product.Glass mosaic has excellent performance and characteristics. It is acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and does not fade. It is a product that is very suitable for decorating the walls and floors of bathroom rooms.

If we wan to make clearly about marble mosaic and glass mosaic,we have to get all detailed about 2 materials feature and use. Lets us check now.

1 Materials Difference

This is the most obvious and the biggest difference, that is, the two materials are composed of different components. One is a product of nature, a natural stone material. The other is artificially made glass products, similar in shape but different in composition. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Glass mosaics can be made into all colors. Marble mosaics need to be made according to the characteristics of natural marble raw materials, and of course they also have different colors.

2 Shape Difference

In general, the peoples often choose mosaic in small size and good design. The designers also like to crate some new style for those mosaic tiles products too. As glass can cutting in any shapes,even some very small size chips, that also can do too. Marble Mosaic also can do a lots of various styles too,just some marble stone materials can not do too small chips, that is easy to break. Of course, when you ready to choose a marble mosaic, you should confirm with supplier or factory more detailed about size and cut.

3 Application Difference

Glass Mosaic and marble mosaic with big range and widely application.Just the different material with different use. For example, the peoples like choose marble mosaic for bathroom flooring and wall both, but the glass mosaic mainly used for wall tiles use, that can not used to flooring mosaic tiles. The customers can choose it depends on own projects and buildings request.

Mix Color Marble Mosaic Flooring Tiles
Mix Color Marble Mosaic Flooring Tiles

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