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Marble Mosaic Tiles Vs Slate Mosaic Tiles

10th October 2019

The natural stone mosaic tiles always with rich stone materials can choose. For example, there with natural marble, granite, but also with blue limestone, basalt and slate,quartzite. As the more and more new style stone mosaic tiles design developing, there has some customers interest in slate mosaic tiles. But what is same and difference with marble mosaic tiles?

1 About marble mosaic tiles and slate mosaic tiles application

Indeed, both stone mosaic tiles with wide appication. As we know there always with rich materials and colors choose too. Even the slate material, there also with rust, yellow, black can choose,etc. About the marble colors is not need to introduce, that with a lot of colors.

As the stone feature, the peoples often use marble mosaic tiles for indoor application. but the slate mosaic tiles often used for outdoor wall decoration.Of course, if we want to use it for indoor, that also is ok.

2 About marble mosaic tiles and slate mosaic tiles shape and pattern

We know that the natural marble with fine grain and most with easy carving feature. It is not just can produce marble tiles, but also often used for stone fountain and marble statue sculpture. That means we can use marble to produce various shape of mosaic tiles too. At the same time, the slate with higher hardness than marble, it is just can do some popular simple shape mosaic tiles.

3 About the marble mosaic tiles and slate mosaic tiles price and use time

In fact, both products with long time use. But we know the marble mosaic tiles not suitable for outdoor use. In other hand, if we use marble mosaic for indoor and slate for outdoor,that always with long time service.

About the both products price, we know various materials and size that also decides the products price too. But as workers skill and suppliers production ability developing, those products price is cheaper than before now.

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