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Marble Mosaic Tile Vs Ceramic Mosaic Tile

11th July 2018

We know the mosaic tiles is a popular indoor and outdoor decoration products, its can be do in many materials, the popular shapes has glass mosaic, stone mosaic, and ceramic mosaic,iron mosaic,etc. What is difference in marble mosaic and ceramic mosaic?

The marble mosaic with many advantages such as unique and can not copy, as the every piece natural marble is unique, the marble mosaic also in rich style and natural style colors, the marble mosaic often used for indoor bathroom that can bring special decoration effect to the building.

The ceramic mosaic also with many advantages too, the cheap price is biggest feature, and its also in more rich colors, as the ceramic is artitificial and workers can produce it in big quantity.

To choose which type mosaic that depends on the customer request or like, as both types are very good for indoor decorations too.

Ceramic Mosaic



Marble Mosaic

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