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Marble Border Mosaic

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Marble Border Mosaic

Marble Border Mosaic mainly includes natural marble border line tiles that with beautiful shape and nice shape. It is also has travertine border mosaic,etc.

What can we use this product and use to where? The marble mosaic border tiles mostly in line shape.It is often used for bathroom wall decoration,Kitchen wall,etc. Of course, if we want to use it for skirting line use, that is ok and with good effect too.

Popular Marble Border tiles product in high 100mm, the thickness in 1cm,1.2cm,1.5cm,2cm,etc.There also with customs size too. Our designers and workers can crate and produce new styles for your choose. The finished products often do waterproof treatment that make sure the product good use.

Our customers will get guarantee quality,delivery time, packages, and that always also with installation guide.After sold service is very important for us and for buyers. Every piece of product will with detailed check before leave from factory.


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