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    Italy Marble Slabs ,

    This Italy Wood Vein Marble Slabs is a popular product at the slabs market.It is not just hot in China, that also popular at USA and European market too. Our company with gang saw machine to cut it with good quality.

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    The Italy marble material always is famous now. In addition, mostly countries markets like this Italy Wood Vein Marble. That is a very stable and beautiful natural marble material.We can see there with nice veins on the stone surface.

    How Big Size Can Be Cut In This Marble Material?

    This material also with other business name too. The popular like as Grey Wood Grain Marble.There also named Serpeggiante Grey Marble and Wood Grain,etc. This material has popular for more than 10 years. The quarry from Italy country.We can cut it in 300cm by 160cm in popular. The big slab with very stable quality and performance.

    What is difference buy it from China and Italy?

    We know this Italy wood vein marble quarry from Italy. Why we are buy it from China? Is there same from Italy? For regular stone buyers, they know natural stone slabs producing progress. As Chinese stone market developing, there with a lots of Italian marble suppliers here. There always can guarantee the blocks stone quality and price. In addition, the Chinese factories with cheaper cutting cost. All above items make sure the finished products quality and price.

    How Can We Do Use This Marble Material?

    Natural stone is difference with artificial quartz stone. The natural stone is unique at the world. Every piece of slabs is unique too. That can make sure our decoration style is special always.Generally speaking, this material can be cut in marble vanity top, countertop. There also can do in marble floor tiles, wall tiles mosaic,etc.

    Product Name Italy Wood Vein Marble Slabs
    Materials Serpeggiante Marble
    Detailed Export: Xiamen Port
    Loading 450m2 in 1 container
    Thickness 2cm
    Style: Big Slab
    Surface Polish
    Material Origin Xiamen
    Size 300/160cm up
    Number ITALIANMS001
    Italy Wood Vein Marble Big Slab

    Italy Wood Vein Marble Big Slab

    Italy Wood Vein Marble Big Slab

    Italy Wood Vein Marble Big Slab

    This Italy Wood Vein Marble Slabs can do in 180cm,240cm up, 280cm up, and 300cm up in length, the width can do in 80cm up to 180cm up

    This product MOQ is 1 wooden crate with 12pieces

    Kungfu Mosaic guarantee every piece slabs in high quality and do as your request.

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