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How to use mosaic in family decoration

August 4, 2018

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Mosaic has always been the favorite of the industries such as decoration and building, with small size, changeable shape and strong pattern, and more and more people use mosaic to make decoration in today’s home clothing industry. They are widely used in various areas such as toilet, living room, restaurant and so on. Of course, the area is different and the aesthetic effect is not good. Same, today,Kungfu Mosaic will introduce you to how to use mosaic in family decoration.

First of all, in the family decoration mosaic generally choose the following categories: ceramic mosaic, metal mosaic, crystal drill mosaic, stone mosaic.

In the family decoration, whether it is used in the bathroom, kitchen, living room TV background wall or any area of the decorative painting, its size is more common, the common dimensions 9.5*9.5mm, 10mm*10mm, 15*15mm, 20*20mm, 25*25mm, 30*30mm.

In the use of regional and style collocation, mosaic is more difficult and flexible, can do any style and any regional collocation.

In the European style, the TV background wall can be chosen or the cultural stone is decorated with mosaic to highlight the luxurious style of the European style, so the color selection is usually polished milk white, yellow, or massek with shell material.











In the post-modern and modern style, mosaic can be used as a collage. In the choice of mosaic, the polished mosaic of deep tone is basically selected. Metal mosaic is also commonly used. Like the Hong Kong style, with dark as a major feature, so in use, the color is relatively single, white, black, metal material










The most important style of the marble mosaic is the Mediterranean and the pastoral style. There are no requirements and restrictions on the use of the space, whether it is a living room, a bedroom, a study, a kitchen, a toilet, a functional area, and a good effect.

In terms of color, Mediterranean and pastoral styles also require a wide range of stone mosaics. Cold and warm tones, bright and plain colors are all without any violation. In the shape, it can also be carried out by random collage combination, and the pattern and shape of each style can be controlled. But the typical mosaic of the Mediterranean style is still white and blue collage.

Marble Mosaic Install Guide











Although the stone mosaic is especially strong, it can meet the aesthetic needs of the decoration, it is easy to achieve the desired style effect, but because of the small shape of mosaic, it is a very strict test for the craftsmanship of the craftsmanship in the early decoration and laying, the layout of the early stage, the smoothness and crevice in the process of laying. There is a strict requirement for the evenness. These two items are not only related to beautiful appearance, but also more convenient for later cleaning and maintenance.

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