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How To Installation Marble Mosaic?

June 30, 2018

When we  mention about a mosaic tile, many of your homeowners and friends will think that this is a more fashionable decoration material.Actually, mosaic is one of the oldest known decorative arts.In modern decorations, the peoples used as early as the early 1980s in the China,Today’s stone mosaic tiles are used in bathroom renovations,It is used as a background wall and is a favorite of decorative materials in a variety of forms that get some Avant-garde, stylish family favored, below will introduce how to installation marble mosaic tiles:

1 Brush Glue

General pavement tiles can be used for cement, but paving marble mosaic is recommended to use professional tile adhesive,as the density of the mosaic tiles is relatively high and the water absorption is low, the effect of the cement is not as good as that of the tile adhesive.It is impossible to ensure the firmness of the stone mosaic on the wall after paving with cement, so it is best to use tile adhesive for paving mosaic tiles.Brush glue is the key to laying a good stone mosaic, ready to mix according to the proportion of strong tile adhesive. Use a plastering knife to spread the tile adhesive evenly on the wall. Take care not to apply too much,corner node can adjust the amount of smear.First apply the glue on the wall surface, and then use a smooth plastering knife to spread the glue evenly. The thickness of the general glue is about 20mm.Note that the agitated marble mosaic adhesive binder should be used within 2-3 hours depending on the weather conditions.

2 Paste Marble Mosaic Tiles

After applying a good amount of glue, align the marble mosaic with the gap in the alignment of the drawings, and use a trowel or a putty knife to hold the mosaic tightly,Or use a flat thick wood mat on the marble mosaic surface and beat it evenly with a rubber hammer,moderate strength, beat all-round, make sure to stick firmly,Since every small piece of marble stone mosaic is fixed by a net, after glued to the wall, the glue penetrates into each fine grid to achieve a fixed effect.Pay attention to check whether the grid on the back of the marble mosaic is intact and undamaged before going on the wall. If any problem is found, you can’t use it, and avoid that the tile adhesive and the grid are not firmly connected.

3 Check The Paving Sitation

After paving a certain range of marble mosaics, you must check the situation of the paving, to avoid problems after over-laying and then to rework.First, the gap between bricks and bricks must be determined to be a uniform width, so it is necessary to use a small gray shovel to adjust the mortar joints.This is a process that requires the most patience in the marble mosaic tiles process and is also the most important part in the paving work process.In addition, check the missing marble mosaic strips to fill in the missing tiles

4 Caulking

After the inspection is finished, after the water is properly dry and has an initial strength, start the jointing and prepare the necessary joint filler.Plaster the grout into the marble mosaic gap with a trowel, paying attention to not more than 2 square meters per squeegee area.The sealant is evenly applied to the stone mosaic surface, ensuring that all mortar joints are completely filled and there is no excess residue.Careful attention should be paid when caulking, 20-25 minutes after caulking with a damp cloth to gently dry the stone mosaic surface of the caulking agent.After the jointing is completed, a full tile surface cleaning is performed to remove fine stains or residual grouts.

The above is the installation process of the marble mosaic tiles for everyone. I hope to help everyone, for more natural marble mosaic information, please continue to pay attention to the Kungfu Mosaic



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