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How Many Types Of Black Marble Mosaic Tiles?

13th December 2018

The black color marble mosaic tile is very popular in the market now. More and more designers like a black color stone for design to mosaic tile, as use this simple color and dark color, can bring some special effect too.

To confirm black marble mosaic tiles types, we should know the 2 items, the one is black marble materials, and the other is mosaic tile shapes both. Generally speaking, the black marble mosaic raw materials have Black Marquina Marble, Nero Marquina, Black Wooden Marble, Black Night Marble, Italy Black Wood Marble, etc. The mosaic shapes have Chevron, Pebble round, Fish scale, and Hexagon, Round, Arabesque, basketweave, bricks, and bubble, irregular shape, octagon marble mosaic, etc.

Is there has any type of black marble mosaic is your like and interest? If so, you also can visit our catalog too, and there have more styles of black marble mosaic products can choose.

Black Marble Mosaic Tiles

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