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How Many Types Mosaic?

July 27, 2018

Mosaic is a brick of special existence. It usually consists of dozens of small bricks and a relatively large brick. It is small and exquisite, and is widely used in indoor small areas, walls and outdoor large and small walls and floors.


1 Ceramic mosaic. It is the most traditional kind of mosaic, famous for its small size, but it is more monotonous and lower grade.

2Marble mosaic. Is a mosaic of medium-term development, colorful and special style,its occupy big market now.

3Glass mosaic. The colorfulness of the glass brings a vibrant life to the mosaic. According to the variety of glass, he is a variety of small varieties.

Molten glass mosaic. It is a glass mosaic which is formed by silicate or the like as a main raw material and is melt-formed at a high temperature and is opaque or semi-opaque, containing a small amount of bubbles and unmelted particles.

Sintered glass mosaic. It is based on glass powder as the main raw material, adding a proper amount of binder and so on to make a green body of a certain size, and sintering it at a certain temperature to form a glass mosaic.

Gold star glass mosaic. It is a glass mosaic with a small amount of bubbles and a certain amount of metal crystal particles, which has obvious light and flicker.

usual format. Common specifications for mosaic are 20mm × 20mm, 25mm × 25mm, 30mm × 30mm, thickness is 4-4.3mm

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