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How many types china wood marble suitable for mosaic tiles?

13th September 2018

We know the natural marble mosaic can be produce in rich marble materials, and there has many popular colors, like white marble, beige marble, black marble, the wood marble mosaic is more and more popular in the market now. Do you know how many types china wood marble suitable to produce to marble mosaic tiles? As there has many marble mosaic buyers always ask those questions, here is our detailed introduce

In the China, there has not too much wood marble materials, the most famous is Athens Grey, Athens Wood Marble, its also includes white and grey , and coffee color, there also has antique wooden marble,those marble materials all in high quality and fine grain, so those all types can be produce for marble mosaic tiles, we can do various shapes as customer special request too. Here is those wooden marble materials photos

Antique Wood Marble

Athens Wood Marble

Grey Wood Marble

White Wood Marble

Wood Onyx Marble

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