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How About Travertine Mosaic Tile?

1st October 2018

The popular natural stone mosaic mostly do in marble material, and we know the most popular type stone mosaic tile also is natural marble mosaic in the market at the world now. There also has some other styles stone mosaic also is with special features and various shapes too.

The travertine mosaic tile is a special and unique styles stone mosaic tiles products, its often used for indoor wall tiles decoration, the popular travertine mosaic tiles colors in beige, yellow, white, and red, brown,etc. Those travertine material from Iran, Italy, and Turkey,etc.

Some customers like to ask how about quality about travertine mosaic? and as a professional stone mosaic tile supplier, we tell the customer the travertine mosaic tile is also in very high quality too, as we always do water proof treat to the every piece travertine mosaic tile, and even you can see there has some small holes on the travertine mosaic tile, but the quality is perfect too.

If you are looking travertine stone mosaic tiles from China, welcome contact with Kungfu Mosaic.

Travertine mosaic tile

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