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Quelle est la meilleure façon de couper la mosaïque de marbre?

16e Décembre 2019

La mosaïque de pierre naturelle inclut principalement la mosaïque de marbre, mosaïque de granit, mosaïque de jade, mosaïque en travertin, mosaïque en forme spéciale, mosaïque artistique de taille et d’autres produits.

La production de mosaïque de jets d’eau en pierre est principalement le traitement du jet d’eau en pierre. The raw materials for parquet are mainly from the leftover material left by the board processing factory cutting.It is best to cut the leftover material from a sheet less than 1cm. The more the variety and color of the stone is better.Tuile de mosaïque en marbre is mostly matt or polish, and there are also with rought surfaces. The size is generally 2-3cm square. You can choose a larger surface size according to your needs.

For small batch production or production of unit price marble mosaic tile products, you can use a small desktop cutting machine with a diamond saw blade to cut the tuile de mosaïque en marbre, or you can use a small hydraulic cutting machine with an upper and lower cutting abrasive to process the mosaic parquet and process the Granite mosaic pattern, can only be cut piece by piece.

If you want to mass-produce regular-shaped marble mosaic tile, it is feasible to use a bridge-type bridge cutting machine. Several plates can be stacked and fixed with special fixtures. Several parquets can be cut at a time, with high processing efficiency.

Tuile de mosaïque en marbre on polished surfaces can be obtained by cutting directly from the scraps of the light board. Matte or matte blocks require matte treatment. Firstly, the corners of the discarded boards with thickness of 1-2cm and different colors are cut into squares, rectangles, triangles, diamonds, or other regular patterns that can be used as the basic shape of the patterns, and put into the drum. When the drum rotates, the plates rub against each other, eventually forming a matte block with a regular shape, smooth edges and corners, matt surface, and uniform wear.

There are three methods for laying stone mosaic patterns, one is the method of bonding and splicing patterns on the whole board, aussi appelée méthode de montage direct. De plus,, there are two methods for laying the rough carrelage en marbre pattern on the rough surface. The first method is the backing paper method, which is similar to the glass mosaic. Up, Après durcissement, remove the paper screen;L’autre est la méthode de support. Certains supports en plastique ABS peuvent être faites selon le modèle de conception à l’avance. Each rough surface stone corresponds to a bracket. Le support est fixé sur la surface de montage avec vis, and then the stone is bonded to the bracket with an adhesive. De plus,, it can also form a variety of beautiful graphics and antique tuile de mosaïque en marbre effects, and the construction is very convenient.

coupe de mosaïque de marbre
coupe de mosaïque de marbre
coupe de mosaïque de marbre
coupe de mosaïque de marbre
coupe de mosaïque de marbre
coupe de mosaïque de marbre

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