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La pierre de travertin mosaïque demande

Janvier 26, 2019

We often can see some beautiful travertine stone mosaic at the hotel or office buildings indoor. In those beautiful travertine stone mosaic panels product, there also with different colors and shapes too. Some customers also confused about travertine stone mosaic application too.

The natural marble mosaic with widely application, but the travertine mosaic is same as it. There with beige travertine, white travertine, and other colors travertine stone that used for produce mosaic tile product, those travertine mosaic tile mainly used for indoor floor tile and indoor wall tile,etc.. The finished products and projects with very good performance. Those stone mosaic tile in various shapes and style, the surface popular in polish, aiguisé, and acid,etc.If you are like the travertine mosaic, you can use it to the many places such as hotel, home bathroom, and kitchen wall, bar sol,etc..

Tuile de mosaïque travertin


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