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Les applications de mosaïque de pierre sont étendues

22nd November 2018

Le domaine des applications en mosaïque de pierre est assez vaste. D'une part,, il peut être utilisé dans des endroits de nature différente. Par exemple, piscines et toilettes sont souvent utilisés. Ce type d'étanchéité est également utilisé dans les restaurants, centres commerciaux, stations de métro et autres lieux publics. Surface protectrice ou surface décorative. Par exemple, inside the various stations of the Hong Kong Metro Line 1, different colors of mosaics are used as wall and floor materials, and color recognition is used to ensure traffic safety.On the other hand, stone mosaic tile can be used in different parts of the building. Due to the small size of the grain, in addition to the wall and the ground, it can also be used on the top of the indoor space, such as the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall of Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, which is mosaicd at the top of the entrance hall. The celestial creation of the Republic of China

In addition to the second, the design uses the characteristics of the stone mosaic itself to light and flicker, to give full play to the whimsy and create a special installation. If you use the strong reflective characteristics of gold mosaic and glass mosaic to make a spiral, winding, wave pattern, and then use white or black as the background color, a beautifulpicturewill be formed on the whole wall or floor. In the field of creative furniture, mosaic can also be used as a “Couleur” element of furniture, or a mosaic of round or long table tops with mosaics, and with solid wood and exquisitely carved components, it is also a good handicraft.

With the advancement of technology and the updating of the types, the ancient and beautiful stone mosaic art of mosaic application has greatly satisfied the extraordinary concept of designers and home furnishing enthusiasts. It is gradually getting rid of the traditional decorative constraints and opening up more The vast display application space, transformed into a beautiful outerwear of various buildings and public spaces, has become the new favorite of today’s fashion decoration materials.

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