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Styles de traitement de Surface de tuile de mosaïque en marbre

Janvier 17, 2019

The natural marble mosaic tile is a very good stone product, we know there has many beautiful marble materials that can be used for mosaic tiles production. For the most popular marble mosaic tiles product, the surface method is polish treat, is there has any other types or good advises?

When we talk about mosaic tile surface types, we have to say that different surface will decides the products feature and shapes too. The polish is most popular type surface, it is make the marble mosaic tile with very smoothly surface and it is with some mirror effect, and looks more high class. The honed surface mosaic tile with good touch feel, but there still not with anti slip effect. The acid surface make the product with special feature, and there with anti slip effect, so it is can be used for some marble mosaic floor tile product design in indoor. Those many surfaces types that always make the marble mosaic become your home or bathroom important decoration stone products.

Which surface types of marble mosaic tile do you like?

marble mosaic tiles surface

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