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Dalles en marbre d’Italie

» Italy Marble Slabs

Dalles en marbre d’Italie

The Italy Marble Slabs is most famous natural marble in the world.That with rich colors can choose. De plus,, there also with very good quality. Popular cut method in vein cut and cross cut. And mostly materials with fine grain.

Dans la Chine, there are easy to get Italy marble blocks from Market. The raw material mostly with good quality and nice price. We can control the big slabs quality at the first step.

About the big slabs size,that in big range too. The popular size in 240cm up by 120cm up. But there also with 300cm up by 160cm up,etc.. The all materials surface through high quality treatment. That can guarantee the finished products quality too.

Italy marble slabs packages often use strong export wooden box.

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