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Tablero de mármol del azulejo

» Tablero de mármol del azulejo

  • Azulejo mosaico de mármol Backsplash para pared

    Tablero de mármol del azulejo

    Marble Mosaic Tile Backsplash for wall application that is popular in the market. KungfuMosaic can produce and supply this products with perfect quality.

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    The marble mosaic tile backsplash also is a very popular shape product. En la vida cotidiana, the peoples often see it at kitchen or bathroom wall projects. Además, the rich styles that make it is become more and more popular now. en efecto, KungfuMosaic has export this product with big quantity to around the world market.

    mosaico de mármol de azulejos backsplash
    mosaico de mármol de azulejos backsplash

    If you are a marble mosaic importers, then you must know many good suppliers from China. As the Chinese marble mosaic factories with higher tech machines,that often make those products with perfect quality too. Además, those products always with cheap and competitive price.

    We know that marble mosaic tile backsplash also in rich colors can choose. Por ejemplo, the popular types like as white, rojo, y negro, amarillo,etcetera. So rich colors that always make the finished products with perfect quality and rich choice. As KungfuMosaic always choose best quality raw marble materials to produce it. Claro, our company with many customers has cooperated for more than 10 años.

    En el mercado, the marble mosaic tile backsplash also in different patterns can choose. Por ejemplo, the popular types with fish scale, octagon and hexagon mosaic, lantern styles,etcetera. All those styles with very good performance and very nice feature. As our factory with rich experience, and we can control the products quality and price.

    The Marble Mosaic has the advantages of soft tones, simple, elegant, elegant appearance, good chemical stability, good hot and cold stability and so on. Además, it does not change color, does not accumulate dust, has a light bulk density, and has a strong adhesion. It is mostly used for indoor decoration and balcony exterior decoration. Its compressive strength, tensile strength, high temperature resistance, water resistance and acid resistance all meet national standards.

    mosaico de mármol de azulejos backsplash
    mosaico de mármol de azulejos backsplash

    Marble Mosaic Tile Backsplah can be used in swimming pools, science and technology museums, Teatros, TV towers, kindergartens, playgrounds (horror houses), flower terraces, courtyard pavilions, temples and temples, furniture bathrooms, disco dance halls, ice rinks, bares, clubs, etc use.

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