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  • Ladrillo de mosaico de mármol Emperador oscuro

    Mosaico de ladrillos de mármol ,

    The Dark Emperador Marble Mosaic Brick design in simple bricks styles, the edges is also do in special treatment, that can guarantee the tiles quality and long time use life. This product in brown grey color.

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    The Dark Emperador Marble is famous at the world stone market. There has many various origin types too. The most famous from Spain, and second types from China. The Chinese Dark Emperador Marble in deeper color, there is not brown color like as Spain material, but it is also in very good and stable quality too. Especially used for produce marble mosaic tiles product.

    The Dark Emperador Marble Mosaic Brick In High Price?

    Just as we said, when we use Chinese Dark Emperador Marble stone material to produce mosaic tiles, that will with cheaper cost than Spain material, it is in very cheap price, but the marble mosaic tile quality is perfect too. That is not mean the Spain marble mosaic with high price, that also in various price, when it is do different pattern of mosaic tiles.As the brick marble mosaic also in simple cutting too.

    How Long Time Can We Use This Dark Emperador Marble Mosaic Brick ?

    Generally speaking the marble mosaic tile is belong to interior stone products, that will not effect by the rain or sunshine, but it is also should be pay a little attention to the maintenance at the daily life. This Dark Emperador Marble Mosaic Brick with very stable quality and strong glue with back net, that make the finished tiles with long time use, we also do water proof treatment, if you do easy maintenance and clean it about 1 time at 1 mes, that can use for very long time.

    Nombre de producto Ladrillo de mosaico de mármol Emperador oscuro
    Materiales Mármol Emperador oscuro
    Detallada De la exportación: Puerto de Xiamen
    Carga de 1000m 2 en 1 envase
    Espesor 1cm
    Estilo: Ladrillos
    Superficie Polaco
    Origen material China
    Tamaño 305/305mm
    Número MBR0058


    China Dark Emperador Marble Material that from Hubei province,China. It is with easy cut feature.

    The Dark Emperador Marble Mosaic Brick moq is 20 m2

    It is can be cut in 0.7cm,0.8cm,1cm,1.2cm,2cm,etcetera

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