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Acerca de Marble Mosaic Export To Supermarket

1st May 2021

Los mosaicos de mármol natural tienen características únicas y son populares en el mercado. Después de años de desarrollo, la gente ha utilizado el mármol para hacer todo tipo de hermosos mosaicos. Claro, Estos productos de mosaico también tienen una amplia gama de aplicaciones. Por ejemplo, a menudo podemos ver el uso de mosaicos en la pared del baño, pared y piso de la cocina. Como un fabricante profesional de piedra, we are mainly engaged in the wholesale export of mosaics. Our customers include mosaic dealers, wholesalers, and supermarkets. Different buyers have different requirements. Siguiente, let us introduce the situation of exporting to supermarkets.

En la vida cotidiana, because our customers are seldom final consumers, they are distributors and supermarkets. They often purchase and import marble mosaic products in large quantities. These products have standardized sizes and processing, strict quality requirements, and are unified in wooden boxes and cartons. Our company is familiar with these processes, and the products are very competitive in the European and Canadian markets

Unlike glass mosaics or other mosaic products, stone mosaics are all natural materials. Como marble mosaic manufacturer, we must control the quality of raw materials and a stable supply. Especially the mosaic products exported to supermarkets. Because the buyers are all supermarkets, the purchase volume is large, the delivery time is fast, and the products must have completely unified standards, only in this way can we help customers better develop the local market and gain the recognition of end consumers.

Because of the development of market design concepts, more and more people like novel product designs. Claro, with the discovery of natural marble varieties, people are not only concerned about the classic marble materials, such as Carrara white marble mosaics, Spanish beige marble mosaics, Calacata white marble mosaics and so on. More and more people start to like new materials to try to decorate their buildings. This requires our marble mosaic factory to keep pace with the times and constantly develop new products and new designs.

For the supermarket’s marble mosaic procurement needs, we can provide a lot of material choices and style choices. We have Italian marble, Mármol chino, Turkish marble, Turkish travertine to choose from, the styles are rhombus, flower style and hexagon shape and so on.With so many years experience, we have ability to supply high quality marble mosaic to supermarket now.Welcome contact with us freely.

Mosaico de mármol blanco con pared de fondo de acero inoxidable
Mosaico de mármol blanco con pared de fondo de acero inoxidable

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