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Do you always use left stone materials to produce marble mosaic tile?

12th September 2018

As the natural marble mosaic tiles production is a professional production, some customers is not very understand well about marble mosaic tiles raw materials, production progress, and finished products use guide. Here Kungfu Mosaic will introduce our marble mosaic tiles raw materials select.

In the generally speaking, the peoples always said that the stone mosaic tiles always use other finished products left materials, and the mosaic tiles cost is very cheap, when we meet this question, we hope can explain clearly with every customer, this idea is not correct.

As the marble mosaic tiles has become a important decoration materials, and the mostly customers start like use it in big areas, so if we always use left stone mateirals to produce marble mosaic, then its can not guarantee the supply ability, and the raw materials quality also is can not guarantee, the most popular is we buy raw blocks in small sizes from quarry owner in big quantity, those blocks price is cheaper than normally big size marble blocks, and we use it to produce marble mosaic tiles, its can guarantee our raw blocks in high quality,even its in small size, but its not effect our marble mosaic tiles production. Its also can make sure the delivery time to customer.  Do you understand that?

marble moaic raw mateirals

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