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Chinese Stone Mosaic Tiles Production Time

16th December 2018

When we ready to buy stone mosaic tiles from supplier, after confirm raw material, color, surface, size, qty, and payment term ,the last important thing is delivery time or production time. Why we say it is a important thing for buyer? As for a marble mosaic factory, we know that the factory production is tight always, there has many orders production together, if customer do not need fast delivery, the mostly time, workers will cutting and processing it later.

If you want to place stone mosaic tile order to supplier, you have to confirm delivery time before production and make contract, if your order need fast delivery time, and yo have to say it out, and marks on the contract.

Generally speaking, the 1 container can loading 1000m2 marble mosaic tile in 1cm thickness, and if the shape in normal style, the popular production time is about 20-25 days or longer time, if you ask supplier do it quickly,and sometimes there just need about 15 days can finish all.

marbl mosaic tile production time

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