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Chinese Granite and Chinese Marble Popular Types

14th July 2019

We are a professional marble mosaic tile factory from China.In addition, we also can produce Chinese Granite and Chinese Marble products. For example, some cut to size flooring tiles or wall tiles,etc. At the daily life, there with a lot of customers interest to buy those products.

Why the Chinese Granite and Chinese Marble is so popular? Yes, those products all with very cheap price and great quality too. Then we can introduce some famous materials in the market. For instance, the most famous Chinese granite materials includes G654 Granite. G603 Granite and G682 Granite.In addition, there also have G664,G655,G640,G666,etc. Of course, the most famous black color stone is Shanxi Black Granite.Except this xiamen granite stone materials, there also has some granite products origin from north of China. For example, g341 granite, g383 granite,and other new cheap granite stone etc. Those materials can export from Qingdao port,etc.

For the Chinese Marble, there with rich materials too. For instance, Athens Grey Marble and Cinderella Grey Marble, Panda White Marble,etc. In addition, there also with some Chinese white marble,and Marquina Black Marble,etc. Of course, the Chinese marble materials is not like too much style as Chinese granite stone. But the products with very high quality and great performance too.

In general, those above materials all can produce into stone mosaic tile too. Our factory also can supply tiles, mosaic and other special shape products too. Welcome contact with us for get price list.

Chinese Granite G654

Chinese Granite G654

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