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This is a professional marble mosaic blog.Here mainly introduce our company mainly products. The blog not just talk about stone mosaic material, also includes processing,export,etc.

The marble mosaic is our company mainly products. This blog often introduce stone mosaic tile knowledge. Kungfu Mosaic mainly products includes marble mosaic tile,marble bathroom mosaic,and other stone mosaic.

A good stone mosaic blog have to be with all info about mosaic. This mosaic blog not just introduce product, also has other info. Our company with rich experience in do all steps for produce high quality finished product.You also can leave your comments on our marble mosaic blog too.

White Marble Mosaic Tiles Popular Styles

White Marble Mosaic Tiles Popular Styles

The white marble mosaic tile is very popular in market. Indeed, this kind of product not just popular now, that has popular for long time before. In addition, it is not just popular in China, but also popular in European and USA market too. As a leading marble mosaic tiles manufacturer from China.Our workshops can produce many types of this …

About Bianco Carrara Marble Mosaic Price

About Bianco Carrara Marble Mosaic Price

At the daily life, we know that the different stone mosaic tile with various price too. In general, the customers also interest in different shapes too. The various shape also with different price too. Our company with big advantages in produce this kind of product. At first, we have to introduce Bianco Carrara Marble. This material is a famous white …

bianco carrara herringbone marble mosaic

The White Marble Mosaic Tiles Shapes Choose

The white marble mosaic tiles is very famous and popular in market.In general, our company always give advises to customers.At the daily life,the peoples use it to the indoor wall tiles and flooring tiles.Especially it is often used for bathroom wall and kitchen applications. In general, we know every type of marble mosaic tiles can done in rich styles. For …

marble mosaic tile bathroom floor3

What Color Of Materials For Marble Mosaic Shower Floor?

We know that the marble mosaic tile with widely application and use. At the daily life, the peoples like to use various color of mosaic for own shower room use. Especially, we like to use it for wall tiles and floor tiles decoration. Of course, the different color and styles will make your room with different styles too. In general, …

marble mosaic tile square

What About Marble Mosaic Tile Square Price?

The marble mosaic tile square is a very popular style of stone mosaic tile product. Indeed, this shape product can be did in many various colors and styles materials. For example, the popular type in white marble,black,beige and yellow,and other colors. For some new marble mosaic tiles importers,they want to know what is price for this kind of product? Is it …

How To Select Materials For Marble Mosaic Tile Bathroom Floor?

How To Select Materials For Marble Mosaic Tile Bathroom Floor?

The marble mosaic tile bathroom floor is very popular at the market now.More and more peoples like to select natural stone materials for produce stone mosaic for their bathroom floor or wall. In general, we know the various type of mosaic tiles used for various projects and indoor use.Then how to select materials for this kind of product?       …

Grey Wood Marble Mosaic

What Quality Of Grey Wood Marble Mosaic?

As the market developing, the Chinese marble mosaic is very popular too. For this happen, there with many reasons too. For example, we know the most Chinese marble stone materials with cheap price. In addition, the those also in very stable quality too. Especially, the grey wood marble mosaic is special popular lately. How is this product quality and performance? …

Pebble Style Of Stone Mosaic Tile

The Pebble Style Of Stone Mosaic Tile Use

The natural stone mosaic always with rich patterns. In addition, the various style of product also used for different projects too. At those rich styles, the pebble style of stone mosaic tile with own special style too. Where can we use it? Is this product with low price? At first, we know the pebble stone mosaic tile also is a …

Why Peoples Like Light Color Stone Mosaic Tile?

Why Peoples Like Light Color Stone Mosaic Tile?

In general, we know that the popular stone mosaic tile always in rich colors. Some times, the different color of stone material also make the mosaic with special feature too. How to choose it at the daily life. We know the different country and area with different like style too. In the European market, the peoples like to modern style …

Chinese Granite G654

Chinese Granite and Chinese Marble Popular Types

We are a professional marble mosaic tile factory from China.In addition, we also can produce Chinese Granite and Chinese Marble products. For example, some cut to size flooring tiles or wall tiles,etc. At the daily life, there with a lot of customers interest to buy those products. Why the Chinese Granite and Chinese Marble is so popular? Yes, those products …

What Is Performance Of Glass Mixed Travertine Mosaic?

What Is Performance Of Glass Mixed Travertine Mosaic?

At the daily life, the buyers like to use glass insert to stone mosaic tile. Indeed, it is really with very good looks.Is it also with very good performance at the stone mosaic project? In fact, the marble material is most popular raw material for mosaic tiles product. In addition, as the new and modern design developing, the travertine mosaic …

Stainless White Stone Mosaic Tiles

White Stone Mosaic With Stainless Performance

In general, we know that white stone mosaic always with wide use. For example,it is not just use to the indoor bathroom wall, but also for floor. At the modern design, the white color stone has used for more places and projects now. We know that the customers can choose rich white marble materials now. Of course, there with rich …

Hexagon Stone Mosaic

Popular Hexagon Stone Mosaic Colors

The Hexagon Stone Mosaic is an popular shape product. In general, the stone mosaic manufacturers always produce it depends on the speical request. In fact, we know the natural stone materials in rich. For example, there has natural granite, marble,and blue limsetone. In addition, some travertine and basalt stone also is an good materials to produce mosaic. Generally speaking,the hexagon stone …

Emperador Dark Marble Border Tile

What Kind Of Marble Border Tile Do You Like?

In general, we know the marble border tile also with wide application. Different like from natural marble mosaic, this product often in similar size. For example, the most popular in rectangle shape like as 1m or 1.2m,etc. We are introduce some info about this product today. What Is Marble Border Tile Product? At first, we know this product made of …

Mosaic Marble Bathroom Tiles

About Mosaic Marble Bathroom Tiles Color Choose

The Mosaic Marble Bathroom Tiles often used for indoor project. In addition, the peoples always like to crate some new style for own buildings. For example, the peoples like to light colors in European market. Some customers like deep color like as in Middle East market,etc. How to choose mosaic marble tiles colors? There also should be know the raw stone …

Brown Marble Mosaic Tile

Where Do We Use Brown Marble Mosaic Tile?

Generally speaking, brown marble mosaic tile is not belongs to popular product. In fact, it is a very good color and stable product.At first, we know this kind of product also can can design in rich patterns too. Some times, we also use other materials like as stainless or glass to match it too. How many type of raw material …

travertine mosaic

How Many Color Of Travertine Mosaic?

We know that the most popular stone mosaic tile material is marble. As there always with rich colors can choose. In addition, mostly marble also with fine vein and easy carving too. Is there has any other good stone mosaic tile? For example, travertine mosaic? How is this material? In general, there with many various types travertine stone materials in …

Chinese Marble Mosaic

How Does The Chinese Marble Mosaic Quality?

Generally speaking, when we talking about Chinese marble mosaic. There always with low quality and cheap price. But is it correct? In fact, as more and more factories start to export and they can control the mosaic quality in very good. In short, we can not say bad quality for it. Obviously, there with big updates and change in lately …

Black Forrest Marble Mosaic Tile

What Is Feature Of Wooden Marble Mosaic Tiles?

Generally speaking, the marble mosaic tiles can do in rich patterns and colors. Of course, the customers also often select imported high-quality stone materials too. As more peoples know, more and more peoples start to use Chinese marble materials. In this field, the wooden marble mosaic is special popular lately. What is its feature? The wooden marble mosaic tiles in …

Polish Marble Mosaic

The Polish Marble Mosaic Is Most Popular?

At the daily life, we know the natural marble mosaic is especially popular. But do you know what kind of surface is most popular? As we know the popular shape in polish, honed, and other patterns too. In general, this kind of product can do in different type. Of course, the importance is we use the correct and suitable surface …

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