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This is a professional marble mosaic blog.Here mainly introduce our company mainly products. The blog not just talk about stone mosaic material, also includes processing,export,etc.

The marble mosaic is our company mainly products. This blog often introduce stone mosaic tile knowledge. Kungfu Mosaic mainly products includes marble mosaic tile,marble bathroom mosaic,and other stone mosaic.

A good stone mosaic blog have to be with all info about mosaic. This mosaic blog not just introduce product, also has other info. Our company with rich experience in do all steps for produce high quality finished product.You also can leave your comments on our marble mosaic blog too.

Mosaic Marble Bathroom Tiles

About Mosaic Marble Bathroom Tiles Color Choose

The Mosaic Marble Bathroom Tiles often used for indoor project. In addition, the peoples always like to crate some new style for own buildings. For example, the peoples like to light colors in European market. Some customers like deep color like as in Middle East market,etc. How to choose mosaic marble tiles colors? There also should be know the raw stone …

Brown Marble Mosaic Tile

Where Do We Use Brown Marble Mosaic Tile?

Generally speaking, brown marble mosaic tile is not belongs to popular product. In fact, it is a very good color and stable product.At first, we know this kind of product also can can design in rich patterns too. Some times, we also use other materials like as stainless or glass to match it too. How many type of raw material …

travertine mosaic

How Many Color Of Travertine Mosaic?

We know that the most popular stone mosaic tile material is marble. As there always with rich colors can choose. In addition, mostly marble also with fine vein and easy carving too. Is there has any other good stone mosaic tile? For example, travertine mosaic? How is this material? In general, there with many various types travertine stone materials in …

Chinese Marble Mosaic

How Does The Chinese Marble Mosaic Quality?

Generally speaking, when we talking about Chinese marble mosaic. There always with low quality and cheap price. But is it correct? In fact, as more and more factories start to export and they can control the mosaic quality in very good. In short, we can not say bad quality for it. Obviously, there with big updates and change in lately …

Black Forrest Marble Mosaic Tile

What Is Feature Of Wooden Marble Mosaic Tiles?

Generally speaking, the marble mosaic tiles can do in rich patterns and colors. Of course, the customers also often select imported high-quality stone materials too. As more peoples know, more and more peoples start to use Chinese marble materials. In this field, the wooden marble mosaic is special popular lately. What is its feature? The wooden marble mosaic tiles in …

Polish Marble Mosaic

The Polish Marble Mosaic Is Most Popular?

At the daily life, we know the natural marble mosaic is especially popular. But do you know what kind of surface is most popular? As we know the popular shape in polish, honed, and other patterns too. In general, this kind of product can do in different type. Of course, the importance is we use the correct and suitable surface …

marble bathroom mosaic

How Many Type Of Marble Bathroom Mosaic Product?

In general, we know the marble mosaic tile always use to indoor. Especially used for bathroom and kitchen. At the same time, there also with various type of product can choose. For example, there can do in various material, size and pattern, etc How many types of marble bathroom mosaic can choose? At first, we have to know what is …

marble mosaic

Do Your Company Sell Few Pieces Marble Mosaic?

At the daily life, our company always got an inquiry from the personal user. In general, our company welcomes all types of buyers to give us an inquiry. As we are a stone mosaic tiles factory from China, all products can sell to a distributor or personal users both too. But, as many customers location is far away from us, …

Arabesque Marble Mosaic

What Materials Are Good For Arabesque Marble Mosaic?

Generally speaking, the Arabesque marble mosaic is popular in the market. What kind of materials are suitable for this product. We know there with rich stone materials can choose. For example, the popular stone materials in natural marble. Meanwhile, to use which material that depends on customer demand. In general, the Chinese marble with cheap price and stable quality now. …

Flower White Stone Mosaic

Popular White Stone Mosaic Patterns

The white stone mosaic is also a very popular product. At the daily life, we know the peoples can choose various materials too. For example, there with white marble, and granite, and other materials can choose. In general, peoples can choose it depends on the various projects. At the daily life, the white color stone products popular around the world. …

Beige Travertine Mosaic

How Many Type Of Travertine Mosaic Colors?

Generally speaking, when we say travertine mosaic, that is a good stone mosaic product. In fact, there with rich materials can do this product. For example, that has Chinese stone material, but also have Turkey and Iran material, etc. Can those materials do mosaic? In addition, that in high quality? What Is Good Travertine Mosaic Product? At the daily life, …

Carrara Stone Mosaic

How About Carrara Stone Mosaic Product?

At first, we know that the natural marble mosaic in rich patterns. In addition, the peoples also like different color and shapes too. At the daily life, those products with wide use. For example, there always used at the bathroom and kitchen,etc. How about famous Carrara Stone Mosaic tile? In general,the Bianco Carrara Marble is a good white marble material. …

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